Live Streaming Tech in 2020

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Live Streaming Tech in 2020

Live streaming technology has risen to prominence, discover how it will continue to shape our future...

Over the years, the technology that we have at our disposal has improved dramatically. While tech might have only been used by certain industries in the past, it is now integrated into many different applications and businesses. One of the most exciting technological developments over recent years is live streaming, something being used by many, particularly so nowadays.

How Is Live Streaming Tech Being Utilised In 2020?

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From cooking shows to gaming, used as a business tool or to broadcast global events, live streaming has become a fixture of modern life, with it’s prevalence set to soar. Let’s look at some of the ways in which live streaming tech is being used to its full potential in 2020.

Cooking Shows: One of the great uses of live streaming tech can be found within the hospitality and cooking industry. Many cooking shows are edited and cut down which makes it difficult for viewers to cook along with their favourite chefs.

In 2020, we are seeing a large increase in the number of chefs using live streaming technology to engage users and cook alongside them. These cooking shows heavily rely on this tech and viewers enjoy the content that is created.

Gaming Streams: If you pay attention to the gaming industry, then you’ll know that gaming streams are extremely popular. Whether you are referring to live casino games, esports streams or popular YouTube accounts streaming their experiences, the technology here is used to its maximum. Gaming streams are extremely popular as many gamers enjoy seeing everything that is involved. Esports is a great example of this being used in 2020.

How Is Live Streaming Tech Being Utilised In 2020?

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Q&As: Did you know that live streaming technology is used as a marketing tool for many different kinds of businesses? With live streaming technology, business owners and their teams are able to stream themselves in a question and answer format.

How Is Live Streaming Tech Being Utilised In 2020?

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This not only creates a more personable brand, but it can also act as a form of improved customer service. Question and answer sessions typically appear streamed on websites or across social channels such as Instagram.

Events: Finally, you’ll find that the event industry is one that is using live streaming a lot more frequently in 2020.

Many people want to attend events but cannot due to their location or other reasons. When you live stream an event, you are opening it up to a much larger audience and you can promote it even more. On top of this, there can be payment gateways for live streamed events so the organisers don’t lose out on ticket sales. This is something that is becoming much more common.

Indeed, the future is live.

Many industries have taken live streaming tech on board in order to improve how things operate. This technology is only getting better every day as those involved in the creation and maintenance of it make improvements. For those who aren’t using this technology, it is really something to consider in the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Expect to see many more live streams as the year goes on.