Rustic Vases for a Boho Look

Photo, Daniel Chen.


Rustic Vases for a Boho Look

Having flowers around is great, but having them in a beautiful vase is even better; discover five rustic vases that complete a boho look...

As we all know, having flowers in your living room is great. Having flowers in a rustic, bohemian themed flower vase, however, is to die for. These vases create that vintage look and impression to complement your home’s style and elegance; so consider purchasing rustic vases to give your home that unique decorative Boho look.

5 Rustic Vases for a Boho Theme Living Room

The good news is that you can buy the rustic flower vases online and have them delivered to your desired destination via a reputable man and van delivery service. Here are some attractive rustic vases of a Bohemian persuasion that you should consider.

1. Munro Navy/Beige Boho Terracotta Tall Vase: The Bohemian and rustic vase brings life to your quiet living room. It is detailed in an interesting geometric pattern in a navy beige colour. Additionally, it has a dark wood lid that you can close when not in use. Handmade from clay and wood, the vase is delicate and only suitable for your indoor space. It is a cylindrical shape with a strong flat base for any flat surface. Get one today and enhance your living room’s beauty. Before purchasing, check the dimensions and ascertain whether it fits in your designated space. The light in weight flower vase can be easily moved from point A to point B in your living room.

2. Piera Bohemian Bamboo and Seagrass Bud Shaped Floor Vase: With a Boho and rustic style, the floor vase is made from Rattan and wood. You can place it on a table and maximise the charm in the living room. It takes a bud’s shape as it has a wide opening, narrow neck, and wider bottom. The seagrass is well-knit to hold the vase in a great position while in the living room, preventing any tip over incidences. It comes in 9.1 x 9.1 x 16.1 inches; as such they can fit a wide range of flowers, especially those with long stalks. When cleaning it, you can wipe with a dry cloth to eliminate dust and dirt particles.

5 Rustic Vases for a Boho Theme Living Room

Photo, Angela Bailey.

3. Stratton Home Decor Medium Rustic Table Vase: This vase is medium rustic and sets your living room to a bohemian impression. It has an earthly colour and improves the elegance in your living space. With a height of 13.39 inches and a diameter of 7.09 inches, you can place it in any area of the living room and fill your flowers in. It is handcrafted from metal in a novelty shape hence enhancing the room’s beauty. You can mix it with other accents and coloured flowers to bring more life into the living room.

5 Rustic Vases for a Boho Theme Living Room

4. Boho Style Wicker Floor Vase: The rustic vase fits into your living room to give the impression of comfort and order. You can choose different colours and dimensions to fit into your living room. The standard size is 9 x 9 x 19.7 inches, and is made from rattan and paper vine hence durable and moisture resistant. For longevity and shine, you can use a soft cloth or wet sponge for cleaning. Place your order today and enjoy the exceptional craftsmanship and attractiveness of this rustic and Bohemian themed flower vase.

5. Leila Khaki Boho Large Terracotta Vase: The beautifully coloured flower vase made from clay and terracotta brings life into your living room. It has a geometric pattern in yellow, red, orange, purples, and green, making it suitable for a living room’s statement. The many colours make it ideally fit the surroundings effortlessly. With a distressed painted lid, you can close it anytime there are no flowers; it adds beautiful detail to the living room. It has a simple maintenance routine, wiping with a dry cloth to eliminate the dust and dirt particles.

Purchasing flower vases can be a daunting task. Homeowners must, however, understand that the final look in the living room is satisfactory. As such, check out the different rustic vases sellers and determine what you like. You can browse on reputable sellers such as Overstock or eBay and have them delivered to your new home. Read the product description in the online stores and know what you are purchasing. Make your living room count.