giffgaff House of Horrors Halloween Film


Face Your Fears

giffgaff's House of Horrors film takes a scarily fun look at the things its members dread most...

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Hallowe’en is upon us — a time when thoughts turn to the ghoulish, ghastly and downright terrifying things that push our panic buttons. Horror films are designed to frighten the pants off its viewers, but sometimes the biggest scares come not from ghosts, monsters or axe-wielding murderers on the screen.

giffgaff House of Horrors Halloween Film

Everyone has their own little fears they negotiate in their day-to-day lives, and when mobile phone provider giffgaff asked its Facebook friends what got under their skin, the answers were surprising.

The top five fears as told to giffgaff included politicians, socks with sandals, voicemails from mum, and phone contracts. The latter is probably not so surprising when you think about it; all that money disappearing out of your bank account every month, for two years! The Facebook replies inspired giffgaff to create its own mini horror film. Award-winning director Ninian Doff jumped on board to put the schlock into the two-minute horror flick, injecting the same kind of tension into the daft scenarios that you’d find in a genuine chiller.

If the thought of a dead phone battery leaves you in a cold sweat, you might want to watch House of Horrors from behind the sofa…