UrbanCampsite Amsterdam

Ibc shrinkwrap house, Refunc


Canvas Art

Discover camping with a difference with Amsterdam's UrbanCampsite installations...

Camping and art? Really? You betcha. These two unlikely bedfellows combine at UrbanCampsite in Amsterdam, which returns this summer after proving a big hit in its inaugural year in 2014. This time around, the event from Annette van Driel and Francis Nijenhuis has chosen a new location; the Centrumeiland of Ijburg hosts — itself a newly-created area of the Dutch city. This hitherto barren stretch of land is now buzzing with colour and shapes with the arrival of a diverse selection of art tents — part public exhibition, part campsite.

UrbanCampsite Amsterdam

Fourteen functional works by architects, designers and artists have had an extraordinary effect on the landscape. Transformation, and especially the transformation of useless to useful, is the theme of the event, and the participants have approached the challenge in a variety of ways.

Some have fashioned their bedroom spaces out of recyclable materials, while Joep van Lieshout’s toilet facilities looks at recycling of a different kind. Other notable contributors include Boomhuttenfest, Rob Sweere and Refunc. UrbanCampsite will run until the end of August. More information on the individual installations is available on the event website, where you can find links to book them for a stay.

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Franka te Lintel Hekkert - Ronnie Kommene

Bedbug, Franka te Lintel Hekkert – Ronnie Kommene



Frank Bloem

Kite Cabin, Frank Bloem

Robbert van der Horst

Universe 7, Robbert van der Horst


Solid Family, Boomhuttenfest

Tribal Toilet Tower [Atelier van Lieshout]

Tribal Toilet Tower, Atelier van Lieshout

Veni Vidi Multiplex

Super Fire Camp, Veni Vidi Multiplex


Super Fire Camp, Veni Vidi Multiplex

Arjen Boerstra

Zolderkamer, Arjen Boerstra

Victor Leurs

Goahti, Victor Leurs

Vince Vijsma

Trampotent, Vince Vijsma

Rob Sweere

Upside down you turn me, Rob Sweere

Photography, Anouska Rickard