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Manhattan restaurant Blenheim uses ingredients straight from the owners' Catskills farm...

You can be sure of two things at this New York City restaurant. Firstly, the produce is as fresh as can be, and secondly, owners Morten Sohlberg and Min Ye know exactly where the food prepared by Executive Chef Ryan Tate came from. That’s because the husband-and-wife duo behind Blenheim grow the food themselves to order, on their 150-acre Blenheim Hill Farm in the Catskills. Taking the concept of “farm to table” a step further than most, Morten and Min balance running the restaurant with keeping track of growing calendars, keeping the two running perfectly in sync and ensuring the Blenheim kitchen has exactly what it needs at the right time.

Talk about hands on! The pair also had a hand in yet another aspect of the restaurant; previous careers in the design world gave them the know-how to assist Cass Smith of CCS Architecture with the interior look of Blenheim. Simple and approachable were the watchwords at the West Village property, eschewing trendy for something more timeless. Morten made some of the furniture himself, pouring the moss green cement tables for example. Elements of the farm are evident, with barn-like wooden slats on the walls and the private dining area known as The Tool Shed, complete with antique equipment, lending things a countrified air.


Blenheim — New York Blenheim — New York Blenheim — New York Blenheim — New York Blenheim — New York

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Blenheim — New York Blenheim — New York