Sarah Lucas at Tramway — Glasgow

Images courtesy, Tramway Glasgow

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Sins of the Past

Provocative Sarah Lucas retrospective goes balls out to shock...

Warning: The following exhibition contains quite a lot of dick. This 20 year retrospective of the work of YBA Sarah Lucas is a penis-packed riot of good-humoured bad taste, urban decay and body image issues at Glasgow arts venue Tramway, and definitely comes with a parental advisory notice.

Not every artist can boast a public wanking phase, but Lucas is in the club. A huge oscillating arm knocks out leisurely strokes like a nodding donkey pumping oil as the centrepiece of the exhibition, while a smaller version pops up on the side of a rocking airship and furtively fiddles in the cab of a porn-plastered lorry cab. An anonymous chap beats the meat, and several other phallic substitutes, in an installation of provocative large-scale nudes. We’ve selected some wang-free images in case you are reading this at work, but it’s all on show in the gallery’s video below. Lucas’s landscape is a broken down place, a concrete jungle full of knackered cars and animalistic desires, but one that nonetheless demands to be seen. You have until 16 March.


Sarah Lucas at Tramway, Glasgow Sarah Lucas at Tramway, Glasgow
Sarah Lucas at Tramway, Glasgow Sarah Lucas at Tramway, Glasgow