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Photographer Charlotte Colbert needs to get out more...

Charlotte Colbert has some dark thoughts rattling around her head. “Sometimes it feels like the thread linking us to the world is so frail that at any time it could break leaving us at the mercy of all our repressed confusion loss and fear,” she says, and it seems like for her protagonist in A Day at Home, the thread has well and truly snapped.

Colbert, who also works as a screenwriter, conceived her latest series in script form before shooting the images in an abandoned house in Bethnal Green. In them she draws parallels between the housewife and the writer, taking a humorous look at the effects of isolation and what can happen when you spend too much time inside your own head. The use of medium format film, and displaying the pictures within an oppressive negative frame, further increases the sense of confinement. A Day at Home is being shown at Gazelli Art House, London, from 29 November to 20 December.

* If you know someone who works at home, please call in on them every now and again to make sure they haven’t completely lost the plot.


Charlotte Colbert — A Day At Home Charlotte Colbert — A Day At Home Charlotte Colbert — A Day At Home Charlotte Colbert — A Day At Home

A Day At Home, by Charlotte Colbert