Lucky Voice Online Karaoke


Cut Loose

Lucky Voice opens up the world of online karaoke to wannabes everywhere...

Anyone who says they don’t like karaoke needs to go and sit in a puddle because their pants are on fire. It’s only a question of how much refreshment is needed to break through the threshold of inhibition before The Great American Songbook is being torn up and even the most shy and retiring among the group shows off an improbably great Tina Turner impersonation.

The problem with karaoke has always been one of practicalities. Outside of the big cities, karaoke bars are scarce, and the only opportunity to let rip is Thursday nights down the pub with the same guy who has been a fixture since he started his mobile disco in the ’80s. Then there’s the well-oiled crowd to deal with. Everyone’s a critic. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy a spot of karaoke in the comfortable and creatively nurturing environment of your own home, using equipment that didn’t take up half the living room?

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit is the answer to your prayers. The kit, which includes a microphone and mixer, plugs straight in to any internet connected computer. Log-on to Lucky Voice Online Karaoke and you are up-and-running, with thousands of songs at your mercy. There are loads of great features; the playlist can be edited mid-song so your friends can cue up the next track without interrupting, and the volume is easily controlled through your computer, hi-fi or TV speakers. One of our favourite aspects of The Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit is the brand’s trademark design-led edge – the mixer is sleek and compact, with easy-to-understand controls, the microphones come in a range of bold disco colours – electric blue, gold, pink and white – and the packaging wouldn’t look out of place in a design store. The kits start at £49.99, with additional microphones at £19.99, each coming with a voucher for a 31-day free trial of the Lucky Voice Online Karaoke service, which you can activate straight away. After the trial period ends, you can keep singing for just £4.99 per month.

Anyone who plans on auditioning for X Factor needs at least 6 months practising on Lucky Voice first, and with Christmas coming up, this is the perfect present for any pop wannabes or those who just want to let their inner star shine.


Lucky Voice Online Karaoke Lucky Voice Online Karaoke Lucky Voice Online Karaoke Lucky Voice Online Karaoke