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Manchester duo feed our habit for subversion with another fix of visual splendour...

We don’t often return to the scene of the crime here at We Heart, once ships have sailed we tend to wave them goodbye, salute them with a brand new craft beer we’ve never tried before, and may never try again. Fleeting moments, temporarily caught in a bubble, a fragment of time, a spunk of creativity. Then, like Jay Z, it’s on to the next one. Occasionally some things are so good their delights need to be sampled one more time, their artistic juices readministered for one additional fix. Then some things are like design-conscious crack, a few hours and we’re twitching from withdrawal seizures, desperate to go back for more.

Manchester-based design duo DR.ME are such chemical freebase. Recently getting in touch to tell us about a new site and work updates, it felt like a recovering addict spotting their drug-buddy nemesis across a crowded train station car park. “An uninhibited torrent of imagination, innovation, artistry and balls dropped on the boardroom table insanity” was what we had to say late last year, and little has changed – bar an intensive glut of cerebrum clobbering wonder added to their portfolio.

In January they joined designer Savwo for Edition, a fortnight-long workshop of concentrated creativity and visual stimulation, their solo show Machu Picchu occupied the wall space of Leeds’ Village throughout March and April, whilst June saw the duo flood Manchester Art Gallery with passionate young creatives and retro swimwear models for their Vile Bodies drawing experience. Work for musicians and club nights have continued, as have the personal projects and artist-led initiatives like the brilliant Manchester-based No Fly Posters and Gerald the Lazerian Dog. But above all, their steadfast outlook on originality has maintained its perverse status quo.

So long as DR.ME continue in their creative quest to subvert, we’ll remain trembling addicts longing for our next fix.

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