Voodoo Rays, Dalston

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Voodoo Rays, Dalston

Appease your late night hunger demons at pizza hangout...

If you’ve hit the wall in Dalston’s Dance Tunnel and can boogie no more, you won’t have far to crawl for an injection of energy with the opening of Voodoo Ray’s pizzeria upstairs on Kingsland High Street. This late night London outlet is open for business into the wee hours, dishing up pizza by the slice and a selection of tasty beverages to wash it down with. Perfect if you’ve missed the last tube home, as if you needed another excuse for a nightcap.

You won’t miss it if you’re wandering (staggering?) in off the street either, thanks to a retina-detaching red sign. That’s no big surprise; the outlet is a sibling of the Dalston Superstore, who like a bit of neon themselves. Inside is dominated by two features: the long, long counter behind which the enormous 22” pizzas are produced, and the tile cladding covering almost every surface. Architectural types Gundry & Ducker designed the interior in coloured sections of six-inch ceramic squares, which decrease in intensity as the customer moves towards the back of the space, revealing at the end the building’s natural state. We can’t manage tiling a shower room, so kudos to Eckersley O’Callaghan for keeping everything on the straight and narrow on this considerably larger job. Open 6pm to 1am (3am Fridays and Saturdays).

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Photography, Hufton & Crow