Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall

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Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall

A light touch at eclectic South London spot Brunswick House Cafe...

Lighting is a favourite aspect of interior design for us, and in our opinion its importance is often criminally over(under?)-looked; the choice of fittings can make or break a venue’s aesthetic. We’re glad to say that there’s nothing at all peripheral about the bulb-work at Brunswick House Cafe – in fact there’s probably as much attractiveness hanging from the ceiling as there is at eye or ground level, which is saying something considering the quality of the furniture on display here.

You can see from our pictures what a splendidly diverse selection of shades and chandeliers illuminate the premises in Vauxhall, London – so varied it looks like the salvage shop it actually is. The building, dating back to 1758, belongs to architectural rescuers Lassco – seemingly a Georgian version of Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop, where the antique sits comfortably next to the contemporary. The café part of the premises is run by professional foodie family member Jackson Boxer, and has been earning rave reviews for both the dishes and the slick service, which deserves extra credit given the interior is so brilliantly non-uniform. A café with character in every corner.

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