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Dabs Myla, All Things Good

No need to wait - we grab a sneaky peek at art couple's travel diary...

Australian art duo Dabs Myla are a bit of an enigma – they’re used to working in the shadowy world of street art and perhaps that’s why it’s hard to get a good handle on exactly who they are. This air of mystery makes it all the more sweet that we got a sneaky peek at their creative process ahead of the launch of their All Good Things exhibition at Metro Gallery in the Armadale suburb of Melbourne.

This married couple manage to live and work together without strangling one another, a fact that sets them apart straight away, and this harmony is reflected in the seamlessness of their work. Their past body is street murals with a cute, innocent style to the graphics that often has something deeper to say, and their more recent pieces show them progressing in a more diaristic direction, documenting their travels around the world using finely detailed architectural collages loomed over by cheerful and sometimes surreal disembodied heads.

You can see the finished articles from 1st – 9th February.

Dabs Myla, All Things Good Dabs Myla, All Things Good Dabs Myla, All Things Good Dabs Myla, All Things Good Dabs Myla, All Things Good


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