Martin Parr, Time Off

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Martin Parr, Time Off

Holiday snaps reveal a life of leisure...

Everyone happy to be back at work after the festive holidays then? No, thought not, but looking on the bright side, you’re only ever a few days away from the weekend, and all the possibilities for enjoying yourselves that they offer.

Martin Parr has been looking at leisure and holidays in his new collection Time Off, but there aren’t as many knotted handkerchiefs and deckchairs on view as you’d expect from the quintessentially British photographer. Instead, he has cast his net further afield, adopting the role of tourist and taking in the fishing communities of Vietnam, the Wats of Cambodia and Mexico’s Chichen Itza.

Showing at Shoreditch High Street’s Rocket gallery, Time Off is a collection of six images taken over a decade (Parr must have a fair bit of time off himself judging by those stats), and while they are more exotic in location than his usual work, the pictures retain his signature style; even the Parisian gentlemen are wearing bowler hats in Parr’s world. The exhibition ends on February 9.

Martin Parr, Time Off Martin Parr, Time Off Martin Parr, Time Off Martin Parr, Time Off Martin Parr, Time Off

© Martin Parr / Magnum,
Courtesy Rocket Gallery