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Techno craft is right on point...

The use of technology in art is a growing phenomenon, and this collection of computer-aided embroidery is one of the finest examples we’ve seen. London design duo CUSTHOM put the word out to a range of artists, illustrators and graphic designers, who submitted 2D drawings which underwent a computer enhanced transformation.

Using some neat software trickery, digital embroidery and fine point pens translated the submissions into the finished articles – which now comprise the Pens & Needles exhibition, currently on display at Print House Gallery, Dalston. The technique involves a largely continuous, unbroken thread, and these gossamer links, create an organic connection between the elements.

The works range from the quirky – see Paul Blow’s subverted semi-portraiture of Hunter Hunted – through the surrealism of Giedre Domzaite to the more abstract graphics of Hawaii Design. Maybe not one for the artisan purists, but for the progressively-minded, it’s a winner. On display until 14th January.

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