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A House For a Home

Capturing the changing the face of desert oasis...

We love good bit of meanderingly rhapsodic prose as much as the next person, especially if we’re getting paid by the word (fat chance), but since they say clarity is brevity, and in the transient spirit of the subject matter, here’s the short version: Two artists create projections, shine them on buildings in Dubai, take photos of the result.

I’ll flesh that out a bit for those with a curious nature; the artists in question are photographers Aya Atoui and Manal Elias, the former Lebanese and the latter from Syria, and the idea of Dubai as a city comprised of mostly ex-pats like themselves formed the basis of the project. Living in a place with no sense of identity, either personally or geographically, led the pair to come up with the concept of documenting, in a temporary moment, “a city in flux, re-inventing itself on a daily basis”.

In summary: great idea, beautifully shot. Fellow ex-pats can find the work on display at The Third Line gallery, Al Quoz 3, ’til 18th October.

A House For a Home A House For a Home A House For a Home A House For a Home A House For a Home A House For a Home

Courtesy of The Third Line and The Artists