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Art Relay

Last week of Olympic-inspired art project may quell your London 2012-hangover...

The 50km walk has been run, the last hammer has fallen, the last Eastern European disgraced for cheating, and the flame has been passed to Brazil. Yes, the Olympic hangover has well and truly started.

But before you run to cry on the shoulder of your cardboard cut-out Jessica Ennis (and don’t pretend you haven’t got one, we can see into your bedroom from ours), here’s a large dose of collaborative art project to lift your spirits.

A crack team of artists, designers, musicians and writers has assembled to work in groups of four on the Olympic-inspired Art Relay, before they pass the project on to the next team of collaborators. Powering along with smooth changeovers and not a dropped baton in sight are the likes of Craig Oldham, Keetra Dean Dixon and audio-visuals from the wonderfully-named Dollop. The finished work is being shown at KK Outlet on Hoxton Square, London, until 25th August. Run!

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