blurring the lines between space, product and concept...

It’s a beautiful thing when a shop’s product, interior and ethos all effortlessly congeal into a gloopy mess of brilliance. Hardly renovated from its pre-war industrial beginnings, Vienna’s SONG is a shop that does just that; there’s little distinction as to where space ends and product begins, and it’s all the better for it.

A private ‘salon’ for those who line the store’s pockets most is lit by a ’20s chandelier, antique mannequins beguile and enchant, artworks from the likes of internationally-renowned Austrian artist Erwin Wurm adorn the walls and mega-high-end designers of Dries van Noten and Bernhard Willhelm’s ilk hint at the shop’s knowing eloquence.

This is swanky stuff, for swanky people, and from jewellery through haute couture, to accessories from local artists, every single thing looks as beautiful as the other. With product curation as painstakingly meticulous as the interiors, what’s the betting they vet potential customers to match their unwavering aesthetic?

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