Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel at Mnac, Bucharest

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Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel at Mnac, Bucharest

How much are flights to Bucharest, seriously…

If you peruse the online design world you’ve probably come across Swiss artist Zimoun’s incredible cardboard box installation – and if, like us, you were blown away by the sheer aesthetic of it and didn’t even watch the accompanying video then you’ll be just as chuffed to find out it has brilliant sound engineering to match.

Curated by Rokolectiv Bucharest and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum in the Romanian capital is the Zimoun + architect Hannes Zweifel made art installation. Sounding like soothing rain pattering on a windowpane, this unique display comprises of 200 prepared dc-motors, which have what would be best described as mechanical tails that sporadically slap the 2000 cardboard elements, creating the stunning soundscape – and all stacked in a gigantic circular structure – you need to watch this…

Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel