Surprising Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds


Surprising Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Did you know about the marvels of lab-grown diamonds? Here's some surprising revelations on laboratory-crafted gems...

When you are about to propose to the person you love, the engagement ring you choose can make or break their decision. Engagement rings represent the love and commitment you have for your partner. It tells the world that you have made a commitment to the person you love and speaks volumes that words alone cannot express.

Your engagement ring should be chosen with care and consideration. Although lab-grown diamond rings might not be the first choice that comes to mind when planning a memorable proposal such as proposing marriage, there are compelling reasons to reconsider.

Surprising Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds grown inside a specially controlled laboratory instead of being mined from the earth. The diamonds are indistinguishable from natural, mined-crafted jewels, available in numerous styles and designs, and save money. The diamonds have become popular for engagement ring shoppers searching for a dazzling, ethical gem at a reasonable cost.

Surprising Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds have been around for decades, although until recently, they were only considered a novelty item and didn’t garner attention, especially for individuals proposing marriage.

In recent years, however, technological advancements and a growing demand for more ethically responsible products have led to a profound interest in the more sensible diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds from and similar suppliers offer several advantages over natural diamonds. Many people aren’t aware of the benefits, considering the hype surrounding lab-created diamonds is relatively new. Prepare to be amazed as we reveal interesting facts below about lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds

One reason lab-grown diamonds were frowned upon until recently is the misconception they were fake. The idea of slipping on fake diamonds turned stomachs. Lab-created diamonds are the real deal. Sure, they’re created in controlled laboratory environments, however, technology replicates the natural diamond-growing process, resulting in diamonds with the same physical properties and chemical composition as mined diamonds.

They’re More Affordable Than Natural Diamonds

One of the most surprising facts about lab-grown diamonds is their cost. A natural diamond ring costs an average of 20-40% more than a lab-created diamond of comparable quality. If you hope to save money, have a limited budget, or prefer more affordable jewellery pieces, a lab-grown engagement ring is what you are looking for.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Protect the Environment

Diamond mining causes substantial environmental and ethical issues that can be eliminated by cultivating the gem in a lab. Diamond mining requires earth excavation, which degrades landscapes and harms the ecosystem.

Lab-created diamonds offer an alternative option with minimal environmental impact. They have a lower carbon footprint than mined diamonds, conserve water, and eliminate conflict and ethical abuses occurring at diamond mining operations in different parts of the world.

They’re Conflict-Free

Diamond mining has a well-documented association with human rights violations and violence toward workers. Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and in no way associated with these practices. You can buy lab-grown diamonds with confidence knowing ethical producers create the jewellery.

Surprising Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds Come in a Variety of metals, Styles, and Choices

When it comes to choices, lab-created diamond rings offer many. You can pick from a variety of metals, like platinum, silver, and gold, along with various styles, cuts, carat weight, colour, and clarity.

In terms of style, lab-created diamonds deliver the choices you want. Whether you’re searching for a sophisticated contemporary-styled ring, prefer something with old-world charm, or prefer another look altogether, you can find brilliant rings that capture the essence of the moment.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Sure, jewellers can repair broken rings, replace lost jewels, and provide other adjustments to the jewellery as necessary as wear and tear occur over the years, but diamonds made in the lab are just as durable and long-lasting as natural diamonds, minimising the need for visits to the jeweller.

Lab-grown diamonds are resistant to chipping, breaking, scratching, and other damage, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear, such as what she needs from an engagement ring.

Look-Alike Gemstones

We urge you to compare lab-grown diamonds to natural diamonds. To the naked eye, there is no difference between the two. You cannot differentiate between them since the diamonds look nearly identical to each another.

Both diamonds deliver the same sparkle, brilliance, and shine, making lab-created diamonds a preferred gemstone for engagement rings. Why spend extra money for the same ring when lab-grown diamonds save so much money?

Celebrities Have Embraced The Industry

As the benefits of lab-grown diamonds become more viable to the public, more people are embracing their beauty and affordability, celebrities included. Money is not a concern for most celebrities, but that fact doesn’t change their attraction to lab-created diamond jewellery. Some have invested in diamond-growing companies because it is a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds.

Celebrities who have embraced lab diamonds include:

– Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio has access to millions of dollars, although he prefers the more affordable lab diamond over natural diamonds. He is a stout supporter of sustainable and ethical jewellery companies and has invested in a lab-grown diamond company.

– Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has no shame in her game, and often attends major events donned in lab diamonds. As a UNICEF ambassador, Chopra-Jonas supports living more sustainably.

– Madelaine Petsch: Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch partners with various sustainable jewelry brands, many selling lab-grown diamonds. She is vocal amongst her fans and in the public eye about her support for environmentally friendly fashion brands.

Propose With a Lab-Grown Diamond

When you ask for her hand in marriage, propose with a lab-grown diamond ring. As you know from this blog, lab-grown diamonds offer substantial benefits over natural diamonds. A lab diamond is the start of a memorable moment you both will cherish forever. You can get down on bended knee with confidence knowing you have selected a dazzling ring at a fraction of the cost that showcases the essence of your love and captures the spirit of the special moment. Plus, you make a positive impact on the world.