Artistic Expression in the Digital Age



Artistic Expression in the Digital Age

A short insight into artistic expression in the digital age, and how you can maximise the benefits of Instagram for your art practice...

Thanks to social media, artists all around the world may reach a wider audience. Instagram has become a popular platform for artists, who mostly use it to connect with fans and, perhaps, potential buyers.

Whether you’re an oil painter or a photographer, Instagram is a great place to showcase your work and promote your gallery. You can easily build attention-grabbing posts using the platform’s visual editor and publish them from any location. But how can you stand out from the crowd when there are so many artworks uploaded every day? Here are some tips to maximise Instagram’s potential to your benefit.

Artistic Expression in the Digital Age: Maximising Instagram for Your Art

Write a Good Bio

The Instagram bio is a short summary of your online persona as a gallery or artist. Be specific since your bio can’t be more than 150 characters. Imagination and originality are also crucial, particularly in creative fields. Personalising your bio is a great way to make your account stand out.

If you are running specials or events, it is highly recommended that you update your bio often to keep it updated. The bios of many galleries and artists are often updated to provide information about forthcoming or ongoing exhibits. A well-crafted call to action, such as “follow for daily inspiration, explore my artwork, shop our paintings” in your Instagram bio, also boosts audience engagement.

Connect With the Right People

Finding Instagram accounts connected to your target audience is the next logical step after connecting with friends and family first. Those accounts include art organisations, galleries, interior designers, art consultants, and other artists. What comes first? Start following them. If they follow back, great! However, the story doesn’t end here.

The second thing to do is to start liking and commenting on their most recent posts regularly. Always be perceptive, whether you’re complimenting or asking. When an Instagram user is trying to benefit themselves off of you, it’s quite annoying. Being as sociable as possible will increase the likelihood that these accounts will see your remarks and be impressed enough to follow you. Not only will people be interested in checking out your page, but you’ll also start making connections. Plus, these exchanges will encourage people to engage with your posts.

Artistic Expression in the Digital Age: Maximising Instagram for Your Art

Consider Buying Likes and Followers

Buying Instagram likes and followers is a great way to start expanding the audience for your work. Imagine it as a rocket launch for your art—a way to get it recognised by more people. People will be more interested in checking out your work if you have more likes and follows. Plus, come on, it seems like everyone is doing it now! It’s like putting a billboard on Instagram’s busy streets, so don’t be bashful about bringing attention to your artwork.

If you buy Instagram likes and followers, you can expand your audience and boost your success in the digital art world. But keep in mind, this is just the start. To transform those likes and followers into true fans who like and support your creative journey, keep them captivated with your incredible content, and establish an authentic relationship with your audience.

Use Stories to Your Advantage

Using Instagram’s Stories feature is another option for showing the artist behind the art to your followers. Short pieces of material that disappear after a day may be simplistic, but they serve a practical purpose – they are set up like a conversation allowing you to talk directly to your followers, giving them a feel for your personality.

You can add an extra layer of interactivity with features like polls and countdowns. Planning a big event soon? Start a countdown timer and inform your followers; give them the option to set a reminder for when it’s finished. Looking to sell some prints? Make a poll and ask your followers which artwork would they want to have displayed in homes.

Stories may also be used to broadcast brief snippets from events as they happen since they are so simple to film and share. Alternatively, you have the option to broadcast live, which will be indicated by a change to your icon. Use Instagram’s Story features as you choose, and be sure to check back often for updates, since the app is always introducing new tools and widgets. Some of them, like the “swipe up” function, need a minimum number of followers to be accessible, while others are open to everyone.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags, awkward as they may be, continue to have an impact on social media. If you want more people to see your art gallery on Instagram, you should promote it by using relevant hashtags whenever you publish a new work. Use hashtags that are appropriate for your artwork. Your algorithm may detect if you upload seemingly popular ones that aren’t related to your brand or the kind of art you create, and you may see a decrease in interaction as a result.

Research popular galleries and artists to find out whose accounts they’re tagging and what hashtags they’re using. The chances are good that many of them will also be relevant to your work, and you may use them to your advantage. If you’re looking for popular hashtags to promote your work on Instagram, you can also check out the Explore page.

By entering a tag, you may see the most popular posts and captions tagged with that term, as well as the additional hashtags used by those users. You should probably save a few sets of hashtags to your notes or clipboard so you can quickly add them to future posts. It will save you some time and work, and it should be fine to do so as long as they are relevant.

These days, the art world is full of noise. However, success is within your reach if you know how to express your artwork on Instagram properly and maintain a continuous presence. The best way to promote your artwork on social media platforms like Instagram is always changing. Never stop looking for new and improved methods; information is power. Collaborate with and support other artists; it feels good to help others, and you never know when they may be willing to help you out in the future.