H2H Movers, a Speciality Service for Any Scenario


H2H Movers, a Speciality Service for Any Scenario

Have something to shift? H2H Movers are a specialty moving service that provide much more than the traditional home service...

It’s a widespread misconception that a professional moving company like H2H Movers is exclusively available to assist with moving from one home to another.

It’s understandable why people may perceive this, as home moving is generally the service associated with professional moving companies, and this is what people observe when they spot our teams in their city. However, H2H Movers offer customers much more than just home moving options.

With these additional services, their ‘specialty’ services cover nearly every moving scenario imaginable. Whether it’s storage, junk removal, furniture or large item pickup and delivery, in-home moving, business moving, or packing and unpacking … if it’s related to moving, they can help.

Moving anything can be a challenging task, and figuring out how to handle the heavy lifting can be stressful. Save yourself the trouble and call H2H to help.

H2H Movers, a Speciality Service for Any Scenario

Business Moving and Storage

Residential customers recognise them as leading movers to trust for home moving, but did you know this type of business can also specialise in business moving too? They can handle entire office relocations or assist with moving items in and out of your office during renovations or changes.

As a business themselves, they understand the importance of minimising disruptions and not interfering with operational schedules. Their team will work closely with you to schedule moves around busy times to complete the move efficiently.

In-Home Moving

Heavy lifting can be tough, especially when navigating tight corners or stairs. Given their specialisation in this type of moving, it makes sense for the company to offer in-home moving services. Whether you need furniture moved to a new room, boxes or heavy items retrieved from storage, or an appliance moved to a different section of your home, give them a call. The professionally trained team of movers will come out and get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Load and Unloading

Not everyone wants to pay for a full home move, If you’re renting a moving truck or storage container but would like help with loading it, they can do that too. H2H will load up your truck or container for you, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects as you plan your move.

Pickup and Delivery

Buying a new piece of furniture or an appliance is an exciting time. Figuring out how to get this new purchase into your home can be less exciting and more stressful.

Thankfully, H2H Movers can assist with the heavy lifting and transport with pickup and delivery services. Working closely with customers, they can pick up the heavy item, load it into their moving trucks, deliver it to your home, and move it to its designated spot inside the home.