Avoid Common Solar Panel Mistakes


Avoid Common Solar Panel Mistakes

Planning on installing a solar energy system soon? Here's how to avoid the most common solar panel mistakes at all costs...

Solar panels are taking off in popularity. As more people want to do more to protect the environment, investment in green energy has started skyrocketing.

It’s grown so much that solar made up half of all new energy generation in the United States during 2022. However, you need to install solar panels correctly to get the most out of the purchase.

There are many solar panel mistakes people make when designing their residential solar systems. Read the guide below to learn what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Mistakes at All Costs

Misjudging Your Energy Needs

Many people get solar panel installations to cut their energy costs. This happens because people are spending more on power than ever, with prices likely to keep increasing.

However, those people don’t do enough research into how much power they use. As a result, they get an installation that’s too small to meet their power demands.

Look at your power bills to see what your energy usage is like. If you want to fully power your home, you need to know how much power you use at your peak usage to ensure you generate enough energy for those times.

Misjudging Your Solar Exposure

Even if you purchase a solar system that meets your power needs, you may not get the expected power once you install everything. This is because the power you get depends on a panel’s position and the sunlight you get during the day.

Both of these things will reduce the efficiency of your solar installation. The panel’s position will determine how much it generates. Most solar panels get the best sun exposure when they face the south. This position allows them to collect the most amount of power daily.

Some locations are also less sunny than others. You’ll need to factor this into your energy calculations to ensure it doesn’t impact the number of solar panels you need to buy.

Skipping on Quality

It wouldn’t be surprising if you purchased a low-cost solar panel set up to try and save money. Solar energy is cheaper than ever, but it still costs a lot of money to set up.

Unfortunately, some low-cost alternatives don’t provide as good results as a premium solar panel. As a result, people don’t get the results they’re looking for and have to spend more cash to get there.

Paying whatever it takes to do the job right the first time makes more sense. You’ll eventually make a return on your money, so it doesn’t make sense to cut corners.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Mistakes at All Costs

Ignoring Tax Credits

As mentioned above, you’ll spend a lot of money on a solar installation. This means that some people may not be able to get the installations they want. Even if they have the cash to pay the full cost, taking the risk won’t make financial sense.

However, many people fail to consider tax credits in that calculation.

Depending on where you live, many federal and local credits are available. These credits can shave thousands of dollars off your solar installation.

Of course, these credits will arrive over the course of a few years. But if you have the cash available, they can make a difference in the solar installation you buy.

Not Reading the Warranty

Although you won’t have problems after an installation in most situations, that won’t always happen. Even the best solar installers will occasionally make mistakes. On top of that, solar hardware can have manufacturing defects that result in them not delivering what they promised.

A warranty will take care of you in these situations. Some companies don’t stand by their work and will ignore your requests for help. In others, they will want more money to fix the problems.

Excellent warranties ensure this doesn’t happen. Investigate standard warranties in the solar industry before you purchase them. Once you do, you can compare the warranties professional solar companies offer to see if they are good.

Skipping Solar Maintenance

Yes, solar panels will work great on their own for a while. But that won’t always be the case.
It’s true that you don’t have much maintenance for solar panels. However, that doesn’t mean you can get by doing nothing while your solar performance worsens.

As time passes, debris accumulates, making it harder for your panels to absorb the sun. You’ll need to regularly clean your panels to keep the performance up.

You may also require occasional maintenance as your solar panels get older. Make sure the company you work with will support you with those tasks.

Ignoring Your Roof

Unfortunately, you can’t install solar panels on any roof you want. Roofs need to be able to support the weight and mounting brackets. Older and damaged roofs won’t be able to do that.
This means you may need a new roof when you install solar. Make sure you speak with the installer about this to determine if you need to do this.

If you try installing panels on an unsupported roof, you may run afoul of building codes and need to do everything again on a new roof.

Don’t Make Common Solar Panel Mistakes

Solar panels can offer a lot of value to a home. They will reduce your energy bills, increase your home’s value, and help you contribute to a greener environment.

However, there are many solar panel mistakes out there that will result in you not getting the installation that’s right for your home. Now that you know more about what those mistakes are, you have what you need to look through your solar panel options and design an installation that meets your unique needs.

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