Stoicism and How to be Happy in the Stoic Way

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Stoicism and How to be Happy in the Stoic Way

Dropping anxiety, focusing on what you can control, being more social, and other ways that adopting stoicism can make you happier...

Contrary to common misconceptions, stoicism is not about being emotionless or resigned to whatever happens in your life. Being stoic entails being rational, taking charge of anything within your control, and letting go of negative emotions that may weigh you down.

Stoicism is also associated with cultivating an excellent mental state, which is necessary to live a happy life. Zeno of Citium founded the Stoic philosophy in 300BC. At the time, he also used to teach at Painted Stoa in Athens, leading to the development of the name Stoicism. In this article, we will tell you more about tapping into the ideas of the stoic philosophy way to be happier.

Stoicism and How to be Happy in the Stoic Way

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Drop anxiety, regret, and worry

As humans, it is expected that you would crumble under the emotional weight of the worst news. However, a stoic would shrug off the negative emotions that come with bad news and even go the extra mile to make fun of the situation. Stoics confirm that letting go of regret, anxiety, and worry boosts contentment and helps you lead a happier life.

Train your mind to focus on what you can control

You might be asking yourself, what is stoicism? How it can make me happier? One of the most important steps to being happy, the stoic way, is to accept that you can control very little that happens in your life. Fortunately, you can control how you think and respond to certain situations. It would help to detach yourself from any outcome and put your best foot forward when performing any task.

Accept what the universe gives

A sure way to be unhappy is to live with the mentality that the world revolves around you. Stoicism reminds us of our unimportance in relation to the vastness of the universe and the infinite nature of time. Therefore, when you understand that your life is but a short moment in this massive cosmos, you will appreciate how absurd it is to expect the universe to conform to your will. If you want to be happy the stoic way, it would be best to accept whatever the universe offers you and make the best out of it.

Stoicism and How to be Happy in the Stoic Way

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Do only what is necessary

The hustle and bustle of life can take its toll on you, especially if you have numerous obligations and responsibilities. Worrying about all you need to do will only leave you stressed. It wouldn’t also be a good idea to do tasks out of habit, guilt, or greedy ambition. Stoics stay happy and cultivate tranquility by doing only what is essential and doing it well.

Engage with others, more

Humans are social beings in nature and are mutually interdependent. Even though stoicism emphasises the importance of strength and independence, it hasn’t completely ruled out the importance of social intelligence and interactions. Connecting with others boosts your mood and makes you a happier person than if you decided to remain isolated from the community.

Wrapping up

Stoics describe true happiness as a deep state of being where one is fully content with life and can bounce back from adversity. They can also control how they react to various circumstances and still be an inspiration and source of strength to others in similar predicaments. We hope this article has helped you see stoicism from a different lens and helped you learn how to be happy the stoic way.