Control Hair Loss Through Lifestyle Changes


Control Hair Loss Through Lifestyle Changes

Hair loss is a traumatic experience for most people. Discover how you can control hair loss through lifestyle changes...

Hair loss is a traumatic experience for most people. While hair loss results from several factors like genes, focusing on lifestyle can be a game-changer. In this case, before seeking medical solutions to your hair loss, the chances are high that if you modify your lifestyle, you might positively alter the course of your hair growth.

Balding among men is mostly linked to genes inherited from parents. But it’s not always the case. Once you spot signs of balding in men, you need to sit back and review your lifestyle.

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Controlling Hair Loss Through Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Factors That Can Impact Your Hair Loss

Poor diet

What you consume affects your hair’s health. Hair growth is sensitive to nutritional imbalances. You need to incorporate mostly protein and iron in your diet for healthy growth. Ensure you eat foods like beans and pulses for your hair.

Poor dietary behaviours that can lead to obesity also contribute to balding by interfering with essential hormones like insulin. Generally, hormonal imbalance creates a series of reactions that leads to the gradual thinning of your hair. If obesity impacts your heart, related medicine can have side effects like hair loss.

Excessive smoking

Prolonged smoking acts as a vasoconstrictor limiting the blood vessels’ role of supplying blood to the skin and the general body. To stay healthy, there is a need for a constant blood supply to the hair follicles. The slowed blood supply complicates the hair growth process, especially if fallen strands are not replaced.

Harmful hair treatment methods

Subjecting your hair to rigorous chemical treatments like straightening and perming can trigger balding. Additionally, blow dryers curling rods can weaken hair and make it fall off. If you have to subject your hair to this treatment, apply a protective spray.

Artificial testosterone boosters

Although steroids might help you gain muscles, you might lose your hair as an indirect consequence. It is important to note that baldness in men is caused by forms of testosterone binding with hair follicles which causes a shutdown. Consequently, increasing testosterone artificially will result in hair loss. A blood test for testosterone levels can be helpful in determining whether the use of artificial testosterone boosters could potentially lead to hair loss.

Controlling Hair Loss Through Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyles Changes That Can Foster Hair Growth

Zinc and iron

The two nutrients are vital for promoting robust and healthy hair. Interestingly, some hair loss cases have been linked to the lack of iron. You need to eat food rich in nutrients as opposed to supplements.

Avoid certain shampoo products

Some shampoo brands have strong chemicals that are bad for hair growth. For instance, besides removing dirt from your hair, chemicals like sulfates can also strip away sebum, which is needed for healthy and robust hair.

Minimize stress

Balding has been linked to increased stress levels under a condition called telogen effluvium. A traumatic event or persistent stress usually triggers the loss. Although the hair loss can be temporary, it can lead to significant hair loss if it recurs.


Your lifestyle may be contributing to your hair loss. However, before arriving at any conclusions, consider making an appointment with your doctor, especially if the hair loss is sudden and extreme. Some hair conditions might not be responsive to changes in lifestyle, hence the need to consult your doctor.

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