Living With a Disability

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Living With a Disability

Living with a disability can change how you live, but it doesn’t always have to strip away your independence going forward...

It’s safe to say that being newly disabled changes your life immediately. Even if it’s not severe, you may not live the same as you did before. And while living with a disability can change how you live; it doesn’t always have to strip away your independence going forward. Let’s have a look at some simple things to consider if you find yourself at this traumatic juncture in life.

Learn How to Come to Terms With It

Whether you were born with it or got it through a traumatic event, disabilities aren’t easy to live with. In fact, many people have trouble accepting that they’re not as ‘normal’ as they’d like to be. As harsh as it may sound, remaining in denial is not the answer. All it does is keep you from growing as a person and stuck with the mindset that your life is ruined.

Accepting your disability does take time, however. It’s almost like mourning as you go through various emotions. You don’t feel happy and you’re just unsure of what to do anymore. But once you come to terms with your new reality, you’ll see how much life there is to live. Here’s what you can do to make this process easier:

— Don’t continue to dwell on the past
— Embrace your disability and learn all there is to know about it
— Focus on everything you are able to do
— Know that asking for help is a good thing

How to Live With a Disability and Maintain Independence

Make the Necessary Accommodations

Disabilities vary from person to person. Some may have a learning disability, while others have a visual impairment. This is why you need to know the ins and outs of these disabilities. It’ll help you come up with ways to work around them.

If you have a physical or mobility impairment, getting around your own house can be difficult. Say you live in a house with an upstairs; you don’t want to move, and you want to maintain independence. In this particular scenario, you have two options; installing a stair chair lift or a home lift.

A chair lift is a special type of seat that’s installed into the ramp of your staircase. It’s an automated device that lets people with mobility impairments safely traverse their home’s upper floor. A home lift is where you take an actual lift to go upstairs.

These can be costly upfront, but they’re worth the long-term investment. These lifts completely eliminate the need for stairs. You’ll have to contact a domestic lifts specialist to see which option will be right for you.

How to Live With a Disability and Maintain Independence

Take Things Slow

No matter what disability you have, the most important thing is to take things slow. It’ll give you time to think and help you figure everything out. Becoming independent with a disability takes time, so embrace your support system and always ask for help when you need it.

Once you have a grasp on things, you can then consider finding things to do by yourself and branching out to live life to the fullest. You can volunteer, adopt a support animal, and even educate those who have the same impairment as you do. Do anything that gives you an overall sense of purpose and makes you happy in your day-to-day life.