How to Repair Damaged Wood Furniture

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How to Repair Damaged Wood Furniture

Got some old favourites that you can't say goodbye to? Learn how to repair damaged wood furniture and give it a new life...

Anyone who has ever owned a dining table with a wood tabletop knows how annoying a scratch on the top can be. Unfortunately, not all furniture is always in its best condition as nothing can escape the hands of time. And if you don’t know how to repair damaged wood furniture, then it can quickly fall into disrepair.

When you leaf through various interior magazines or browse Instagram or Pinterest, you may fall in love with the lovely pictures of old attractive wood furniture that has been carefully restored to look elegant and fresh. Simple processes can transform items you thought were beyond salvage.

It’s an art to take something old and turn it into something new and beautiful. However, it’s not impossible. With a few simple means, you can renovate your grandmother’s old wooden chairs or fix the old wood bench that stands outside your porch. Here are the tricks we think work best for how to repair damaged wood furniture and give old favourites a new look.

How to Repair Damaged Wood Furniture and Give it a New Life

Photo, Jakob Rosen.

Spray Painting

It’s important to see the potential in old furniture. Sometimes when the colour of the wood has become worn or the colour has fainted, that is when you can create an incredible transformation with the help of a little paint.

Spray paint specially designed for woodworking is an excellent option to look into. Especially when you want to spruce up an outdated piece of wood furniture that floats around in your home. One that has a sentimental value for you that you can’t let go.

Updating such a piece with spray paint is an inexpensive option yet a highly satisfying process. You can complement your decorating style and breathe new life into an older but oh-so loved piece of furniture and use spray paint to achieve a high-gloss lacquer finish with no mess left behind. No brushes, buckets, or paint trays to wash.

Quality products such as Fuji Spray systems are the perfect option if you wish to give your favourite chair or end table a nice facelift. All without spending too much time and money while guaranteeing seamless results.

How to Repair Damaged Wood Furniture and Give it a New Life

Photo, Douglas Bagg.


Even though furniture and flooring come in different types of materials today, wood continues to be the first choice among consumers around the world. However, it takes a lot of work. Such as having to polish to preserve wood furniture so it looks good. It tends to crack and lose its lustre as it ages.

Luckily, there are several natural solutions for polishing wood and restoring its look and shine. A homemade mixture made of oil and vinegar can be all you need for polishing aged wood surfaces and for removing stubborn stains. It’s an excellent way to remove water stains that have arisen from drinking glasses. You can restore the surface’s natural shine.

Mix ¾ cup extra virgin olive oil with ¼ cup white vinegar and then apply it with a piece of cloth. It will help bring a dry piece of wood back to life and see how it can shine perfectly once again in your living space.

Proper Cleaning

Wood plays a big role in our homes. It’s one of the most popular materials in furniture manufacturing and one of the most sought after due to its resilience and durability. However, these properties do not exclude us from protecting, caring for, and cleaning wood furniture properly if we want them to maintain their good appearance.

Cleanliness is also the key so that wood furniture does not lose its good appearance. Every week it’s advisable to clean them with a soft cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt that accumulates. Mainly in joints, reliefs, or carvings.

How to Repair Damaged Wood Furniture and Give it a New Life

Photo, Erol Ahmed.

Mix Nuts and Oil

An easy way to make scratches on a tabletop, cabinetry, or another type of wood furniture go away is by filling in the crack with the help of grounded nuts. All that is needed is a bunch of nuts and a little wood oil in a suitable colour.

Start by grinding the nuts and adding a splash of water or olive oil to create a paste. When the paste has a good consistency, rub it into the cracks. Then wipe off any extra pasta and let it dry. Finish by working in the wood oil so that the colour shades match better. Want to avoid repeating the procedure? You can finish by varnishing the entire tabletop and you will get a more permanent result from the repair.

Final Thoughts

Wood is a very beautiful material used in interior design but one must not forget that it’s a living material. Like all natural materials, appearance changes as time passes by. And it’s not uncommon for previously beautiful wood furniture to become dull, with moisture stains and other marks.

However, with the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can help your old wooden furniture regain a lot of its freshness back. Knowing how to repair damaged wood furniture properly is important. You can save a bag of money, and breathe new life into old favourites. Good luck.