Design Inspiration on YouTube

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Design Inspiration on YouTube

Looking for design inspiration on YouTube? Learn about the most viewed channels from the world of home interior design...

Any house or apartment becomes a home only when it is inhabited and furnished by its owners, who put their hearts into creating the most pleasant environment for themselves. And even though home interior is often a reflection of the hosts, many people want to have a guideline for creating stylish, comfortable, and functional interiors. Inspiration, though, can be hard to come by. That’s why people resort to magazines, books, blogs and, also, YouTube. Because you knew there was a tonne of design inspiration on YouTube, right?

In fact, design inspiration on YouTube is as popular a category as many on the Google-owned platform. Whether you’re looking for cheap DIY guides or choosing between different styles, you probably will pay attention to the high amount of video views. It would mean that many other people have found this particular content interesting and helpful.

Well folks, the days of pointless lurking on YouTube are over; get ready to see the most viewed channels for home interiors design inspiration.

House & Home

This YouTube channel originates and operates in Canada. For starters, House And Home is a Canadian magazine and brand that specialises in home decorating. House & Home’s site is incredibly developed, and the YouTube channel is a treasure for people who love DIY and inspirational makeovers. The range of topics that are covered in YouTube channel of House & Home is very wide, providing videos to satisfy the taste and needs of a vast audience:

— House and apartment makeovers
— Decoration tips and hacks
— Behind-the-scenes and interviews with magazine editors
— Holiday tips
— Home tours, etc.


Two charming ladies, Kelsey and Becky, are leading the way into the world of makeovers, redesign ideas, and inspiration; all under the sauce of the Do It Yourself concept. One of the hot standing features that define the channel is the small-budget decisions and hacks that actually work. TheSorryGirls don’t concentrate solely on interior design though. Experimenting with holiday costumes and recreating luxurious items using low-budget materials, their channel is fun and friendly. 

This channel is one of the most popular around, having more than two million subscribers and many views. One of the secrets that attract the audience is the frequency of posting. TheSorryGirls are posting videos three times a week, which is considered a perfect schedule for updating the profile. 

Jami Ray Vintage

If you are fond of vintage and retro things, this channel is just for you. The general idea that is displayed by this channel is recycling and reusing old and found items into something modern, beautiful, or functional. Jami herself and her husband Zeb are finding old stuff and show the process of turning it into worthy items of home decor. Ray also shoots tours on different yard sales and dollar stores, give ideas about holiday decor, and even remodelling. Her audience sits at about 165k followers and keeps growing. 

Jami’s channel is gaining popularity and YouTube hits because they make great content that is resonating to the wide target audience, and she is transmitting an interesting and healthy idea of reuse and economy. 

Kinwoven—Robeson Design

Rebecca Robinson is considered to be the most viewed YouTuber in the niche of architecture and design. Her channel holds a quantity of 1.2 million subscribers. She films her design projects and useful tips for house refurbishing and design. Rebecca is concentrating on the tastes and preferences of her client, she also tries to turn to reality all their dreams, also making the design functional and high-quality. 

Her incredible talent to make dream houses and apartments are born with a huge knowledge base about design styles and technicalities; her persona along with that is what makes her so popular on YouTube. 

Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations is a company of three friends, who are also moms and skilled renovators, are explaining and helping to create a dream home. This show runs on TV, but they also upload their work over different projects on YouTube. On this platform their subscriber number has reached a mark of 200k and a lot of views. 

The first episode of each season (united in a playlist on YouTube) reveals the house they are about to change for good. Furthermore, all the following episodes are describing the process of renovation in all the rooms and outdoor sections. The show is also filled with useful tips and insights. 

Emily Henderson

Another skilled artist who works in the sphere of home design and renovation. Although her subscriber count is lower than the others; only 48k for now, she is on her way to better recognition. Emily’s channel is filled with ideas of decor and restyling, as for home, as for outdoors as well.

She is focusing on individual stories and she loves giving personal experience to her creations. She’s also a TV host, who adores vintage; which is why on her channel you’ll find videos about flea markets and DIY content. 

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a platform that helps to create a functional and cosy home. On their site, as well as on their YouTube, you will find countless ideas and hacks for your home. They offer a wide selection of topics, that will drive the interest even of occasional visitors: 

— Crafts
— Makeovers and renovation
— Holiday decor and design
— Budgeting and planning
— Houseplants
— Cooking and serving 
— Organising
— Cleaning
— IKEA hacks, etc.

A huge range of content has attracted so far over 300k followers on YouTube. 

Mr. Kate

Kate Albrecht is an incredibly talented individual, who provides great design inspiration on YouTube with her partner Joey Zehr. Albrecht is mixing her vlogs with redesign videos, thus making her channel very personal and interesting to follow, no wonder there are four million followers on her profile. 

One of the most interesting playlists on her channel is the , as well as the series, OMG We bought a house, where Kate and Joey help other people to create a dream home. 

The channel is also filled with ideas, hacks, and tips for design, and lifestyle, making it one of the most influential in the niche. 

Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue is also using her YouTube channel as a mixture of her personal experience and professional interior design and renovation content. Along with the house makeovers and tutorials, you can find her traveling playlist and see how inspired she gets. Jenna’s designs demonstrate a feminine and delicate approach to the design of a home.

She films the process and result of her makeovers, and by now she has acquired the attention of an audience as big as 55k subscribers. However, Jenna is concentrating more on her Instagram where she has over 200k followers. 

House of Bohn

This channel is a representation of an award-winning architectural and design studio, whose artistic director is Karin Bohn. She is the host of the channel and its main persona. She also mixes in her travels and lifestyle with overviews of her projects and useful tips on design. Besides home design, she also reveals the projects for offices, restaurants, and retail. Karin is focusing on the purpose of each room she gets to design. She concentrated her efforts on making each room stand out and demonstrate an original and functional look. 

By now her audience on YouTube is around 121k users who also bring her a huge amount of views, and as Karin is an active entrepreneur on her channel, her success will be growing and becoming more influential in the niche of design. 

Never Too Small

Never Too Small is about reworking tiny apartments and houses into a decent place to live. Many people believe that only big spaces can be designed “like you saw it on Pinterest”, but the creators of the channel will prove you wrong. With a team of renovators and designers, they can turn into a masterpiece houseboats, micro apartments, and tiny homes.

The main idea of the channel is to mix functionality and style in small spaces. Also they also give useful insights on space usage and adequate organisation, inspiring more than 1.5 million subscribers

Design Inspiration on YouTube: Living Big In A Tiny House.

Living Big In A Tiny House

This profile has a similar idea to the previous channel that is mentioned here. Along with the process of makeover of the smallest houses, the authors reveal the personas of house owners and demonstrate an individual approach to each project they get. Trailers and tents are also a design material, according to this channel.

After watching a few videos you will see how beautiful and functional a tiny house can be. Join almost four million of users who already are fond of the organisation and also the ideas provided here.

House Beautiful

This is a brand from Australia, that also specialises in renovation that is working for 90 years already. It’s one of the country’s leading players in design inspiration on YouTube. House Beautiful works not only with family homes, but with retailers, showrooms, and offices. The content on the channel is various:

— Crafts and DIY
— Design school 
— Tours
— Kitchen hacks and ideas
— Makeovers
— Product reviews
— Dollhouses
— Taste teaching

Along with many other sections that might interest you. 

Marie Kondo

Even though Marie is not specialised in redesigning the house, she definitely can teach you to maintain your home as a dream one. Her unique method called KonMari, is a way of organising your stuff so it won’t stack and look messy. Marie Kondo is also revealing how to get rid of unnecessary things and keep your spaces tidy and free.