Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Photo, Maddi Bazzocco.


Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Renowned for its spiritual properties, there is also scientific fact that proves the incredible health benefits of silver jewellery...

Silver has been used since the dawn of civilisation for its unique properties. According to ancient lore, it wards off unseen evils and enhances spirituality. But its most important benefit, also scientifically proven, is its healing properties.

Silver is a metal with a long history of use in ornaments and jewellery. Wearing silver stud earrings or a locket gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance, in addition to providing numerous health benefits. Following are some of the most prominent health benefits silver can bestow upon its wearer.

1. Antimicrobial Agent

Silver helps fight infections and viruses. It aids in combating flu, healing wounds, and managing illnesses. These are no mere ramblings of a fraudster street peddler but actual scientific facts. Silver is used in many modern medical tools and equipment for precisely its antibacterial and other properties. Silver has a significant history in antibiotics and sterilisation, stretching back centuries.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Photo, Rodri Caruso.

2. Internal Heat Regulation

Silver promotes internal heat regulation and circulation in its wearers. Some researchers claim silver also enhances general energy levels and helps balance mood in patients with certain mental disorders. Silver naturally balances external electrical disturbances. This helps regulate the body temperature by distributing the heat properly. Temperature balance in the body can prevent many disorders from occurring.

3. Maintaining Emotional Balance

As stated above, silver promotes a healthy heat distribution in the body. It keeps the energy level up and emotional balance in the normal range. Silver can help prevent mood swings, chronic depression and suicidal ideation. It promotes mental health.

4. Radiation Shielding

Silver is a great thermal and electrical conductor. Silver cations (positive ions) produce a conduction field to reflect EM radiations. In this digital age, most everyday tools emit radiation, including cell phones and Wi-Fi. We need silver to protect us from this radiation that constantly surrounds us. Silver also promotes the body’s natural conduction, which in turn improves balance and general well-being.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Photo, Jonathan Borba.

5. Elasticity in Blood Vessels

Silver helps keep our blood vessels elastic. This elasticity provides countless benefits to the body, such as healing, bone formation, skin maintenance, and more. Southampton University researchers have proven that a certain kind of silver ring helps improve arthritis symptoms in the hands. It enhances the range of motion and stability of movement in the swollen joints.

6. Revealing Metal Toxicity

Silver helps us avoid certain toxic substances. It reacts and turns colour when encountering some other chemicals or toxins. For example, if your silver ring turns blue, it could mean sodium levels are elevating in your body. This indication can serve as a reminder that you must start cutting back on salty foods.

Last Word

Silver is a unique metal, and humans have used it almost throughout recorded history. Its aesthetic appeal is a bonus, but the health benefits make it too hard to ignore. No need to get decked in gaudy silver ornaments; a few simple pieces will do. They will keep you looking beautiful, in addition to keeping you healthy. What more do you want?