The Best Online Psychic Phone and Chat Readings

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The Best Online Psychic Phone and Chat Readings is the trusted choice for expert love and relationship online psychic readings; learn all about it...

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA announces top psychic and spiritual guidance on finding the best online phone and chat readings. They have become one of the best psychic international websites, offering psychic experts via phone, chat message and text with keen specialists in love and career advice.

About the service: MeetYourPsychic is a top rated psychic network platform providing many valuable features to its clients. For over 10 years, they have been the #1 trusted source for online psychics – best known for their accurate readings and wide range of talented advisors. With over 1,000,000 successful readings served as a premier psychic online reading website, they can help you achieve the future you desire.

New User Special Offer: $1 per minute for up to 20 minutes, plus the first 3 minutes are FREE.

Formats: Phone, message, text, and chat readings.

Areas of Expertise and Guidance: Love and Relationships, Career and Finance, Life Purpose, Loss and Grieving, Destiny and Life Path, Manifesting Money, Health and Wellness, Astrology, and more.

Types of Online Psychics: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Psychic Empath, Psychic Mediums, Channelers, Energy Healers

How to Find the Best Online Phone and Chat Readings

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With 100’s of screened, expert psychics available 24/7, MeetYourPsychic delivers the best online psychic readings to clients worldwide. Their unmatched experience in the psychic industry places them far above other psychic networks who cannot compare with the quality of their services and years of satisfaction from returning clients.

Their expert psychics work with clients in many different categories and topics, including love relationships, career, wealth, life purpose, psychic development, and grief support. Clients keen on releasing negative energy, How Can I Prequalify for a Personal Loan?, locating a purposeful career, understanding vivid dreams, or needing definitive answers on the struggles they face in love and relationships, have discovered they can find impactful answers and guidance with just one psychic reading on the site.

Truly, the best, trusted and most accurate psychic reading is obtainable on the MeetYourPsychic website. Their psychic experts offer life-changing advice and spiritual readings to anyone seeking growth and development.

Some psychics use what are called ‘tools’ during their reading sessions, including tarot cards, astrology, pendulums, and crystals. However, any psychic clairvoyant can offer readings without tools. Even via phone or chat, the expert psychic abilities the website offers have developed to a level where they may tune into a person’s energetic vibrations, allowing spirit guides to provide information regarding desires and concerns, and the future outcomes of situations in process.

What about Tarot readers?

Tarot readers do provide an individualised experience for each customer on this website. During tarot readings, the ancient lay of the tarot cards reveal information about the person’s life via imagery and metaphor. Not everyone prefers that their psychic is blunt and direct (as is common with clairvoyant readings). Some prefer a more compassionate approach that allows the client to process the information received in their own time. Tarot readings are perfect people who prefer a “softer touch” during their readings.

It is essential to keep in mind that divination tools are not fortune-telling. They are aids in helping psychics connect with their clients to read into their energy from their past, present, and future. Psychic readings (including Tarot) do not provide absolutes. Overall, honest readings provide guidance for the client to receive and consider. Ultimately (as with all advice), the client must decide if they wish to apply the received information into their own lives.

Psychic reading services can also include spiritual readings. Not every online psychic reading is focused on predicting what the future may hold. Sometimes people desire to learn about their spirit guides, connect with their ancestors, or learn how to raise their vibration or develop their own psychic abilities. For some, learning psychic skills is about evolving into a possible new career. Clients will sometimes wish to become professional psychics themselves and begin the process of learning how to read tarot cards, or provide tarot card readings as a way to spiritually grow and offer their personal spiritual work.

How to Find the Best Online Phone and Chat Readings

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With MeetYourPsychic’s guarantee, there is no risk

Only you can decide if a psychic advisor is right for you. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you do not like your first reading, it’s free. After that, each psychic you speak to carries a 5 minute guarantee. If you do not like your psychic advisor, MeetYourPsychic will credit your account back equal to the first 5 minutes, so you may speak with another advisor. It’s as simple as that.

What are the benefits of MeetYourPsychic’s “3 Free Minutes” Offer?

Allowing first time users to receive free minutes is a ‘risk-free’ way for clients to see if the psychic reader and the psychic network is the best fit for them and their specific needs. At MeetYourPsychic, first-time users are provided the first three minutes of their first reading for free and only $1 per minute for up-to 20 minutes. Meaning, first psychic reading will only cost them $20 on this psychic website.

How do you know that the online psychic reading expert is authentic?

The psychic experts selected to work on MeetYourPsychic’s website have been extensively screened for quality and ability. Only 10-15% of advisors are ultimately accepted. Professionalism, authenticity, and accuracy are top traits they look for in recruiting and approving potential online psychics.

MeetYourPsychic always recommends that clients read the available customer reviews (in advance) regarding the prospective psychic they are considering purchasing an online psychic reading from. Reviews and testimonials from clients on their personal psychic reading experiences will inform you about the value and effectiveness of using psychic readers on their platform. Every psychic has specialties and skills that vary.

Some people prefer tarot readings or astrology readings, while other clients will prefer an intuitive or clairvoyant psychic reading. Knowing your personal preferences is vital in selecting the perfect psychic advisor for your needs. Of course, if you need help MeetYourPsychic offers live member care. Just give them a call, they are always happy to help. 1.877.987.7792

How to Find the Best Online Phone and Chat Readings

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Which is more accurate: Online Psychic Readings or In-Person Psychic Readings?

No matter what style or method of reading a client chooses to experience with a psychic reader, the accuracy of the reading is based on the moving components of a person’s life, not the method of communication. Experienced psychics can tune into a person’s energetic vibrations and receive information (emotionally and spiritually) from their past, present, and future, (including people around them). Online psychics offer equal or better quality as an in-person psychic. After research, many people find the best online psychics are to be found at Give them a try, I feel you will agree.

What types of questions can clients ask during a chat or phone reading session?

Psychics use their intuitive skills and life experiences to offer wisdom and insight to help ease anxiety, alleviate fear, gain confidence, and validate suspicions. They also work with clients to raise their vibration and teach them how to get further in touch with their own personal psychic abilities.

Any question that falls heavily on your mind is the type of question that should be asked and answered during a psychic reading session. Simply put, the psychics at MeetYourPsychic can address any question or concern you may have. Whether it’s for career, love life, life purpose, resolving grief, or money issues, their expert psychics give clients advice and insight with the goal of your personal success and happiness. Psychic readers may even pick up on the nuance of a client’s question before it is spoken aloud. Remain open minded for the best possible results. If answers do not make sense to you during your reading, they may in the next day or even the next week.

Recommended: Order a Recording or Transcript

For a nominal fee, you can order an audio recording of your psychic phone reading or a .pdf transcript of your psychic chat reading. This service will surely be useful in recalling the important advice and information provided during your session. For added convenience, these services are automatically uploaded to your online account where they can be reviewed and downloaded at any time in the future.

What things should potential clients know before reading with a psychic reading expert?

Psychics are not 100% accurate (no human is). They can’t read your mind or tell you what numbers will win the lottery.

One of the most important concepts that one must understand before having an online psychic reading is that future timelines fluctuate and should be used as a guideline and not an absolute (the future’s not set in stone). Timeline predictions can give a person an idea of how a situation may turn out, but they shouldn’t be relied on as an absolute. Any small decisions or actions anyone may make from the time the reading is given, can entirely alter the outcome.

Psychic abilities aren’t something that is concrete, but are fluid by nature. The purpose of these abilities is to assist clients in understanding the world around them in a deeper and more meaningful way.

How to Find the Best Online Phone and Chat Readings

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Be Prepared For An Amazing Experience

Having your questions ready beforehand enables you to have a keen and grounded reading with more accuracy. It also allows you to be relaxed and receptive to the information you may be receiving.

Chances are, a psychic may provide you information that you may not want to hear or be prepared to receive. Sometimes clients go into a reading believing they want their suspicions confirmed, but the moment they are validated, the reality can be emotionally difficult to manage.

Instead of going into a reading focused on recurring problems, MeetYourPsychic suggests that clients come into the reading with the openness of how the psychic can help them resolve issues, including learning how to manifest the truly successful and happy future life they desire.

Pros of Psychic Readings Online; Virtual Psychic Readings

One of the enormous benefits of having a live, online psychic reading is that a keen person can stay in the comfort of their home and surroundings. Clients no longer have to travel to a location and visit a psychic in their shop or at a psychic fair. The modern age has made it possible for people to have psychic readings any time of the day, with amazing psychics all over the world.

Ordering a psychic reading through a website makes the process more accessible and convenient than ever before. Virtual psychic readings allow clients to connect with psychic advisors at a location and time of their choosing and availability.

Virtual psychic readings also offer more flexibility in terms of the format. MeetYourPsychic offers psychic readings via phone, chat, plus text and message. Allowing for alternative formats such as text and message is a benefit for those clients who cannot speak live and must be more discreet with their needs of these services. With message and text readings, you ask your question and receive your answers at a later time.


Through accurate psychic readings, any person seeking peace of mind should trust the #1 psychic source for elite psychic readers, MeetYourPsychic. They provide the best online psychic reading experience and are the premier of psychic websites. Reviews of MeetYourPsychic show how trusted they are among their returning clientele.

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Psychic readers on the MeetYourPsychic website offer all types and styles of psychic services, including tarot card readings, astrology, and mediumship. The site also features an array of options and benefits, including free psychic guidance on their extensive blog. MeetYourPsychic is an excellent resource that will help new and experienced users of psychic services achieve the personal goals they desire.

About is a committed and well-established psychic network platform that has been providing spiritual guidance for over a decade. Psychic experts are available on the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. With live member care assisting clients from 5 am PST to 11 pm PST. Clients can receive live support on selecting the best psychics for their specific needs. Call 1.877.987.7792 today.