Following A Weight Loss Plan

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Following A Weight Loss Plan

It might be difficult, but it's not impossible. Learn how you can follow a weight loss plan to lose large amounts of weight...

Medifast is a weight loss plan consisting of different flavour shakes, which provide complete nutrition; helping the body in burning fat and calories. Medifast is medically supervised. And, like many Medifast diet reviews explain, this plan has proven to be very effective because people typically lose two—four pounds per week, depending on the particular plan.

Following A Weight Loss Plan To Lose Large Amounts Of Weight

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Although Medifast is targeted at obese people, individuals who have just a few pounds to lose can successfully do it on the plan with doctor’s supervision. Depending on the program, some of the diets contain shakes and regular food, which is a good way to educate people regarding unhealthy eating habits and proper nutrition. Dieters can still lose weight by eating tasty but healthy food while on this weight loss plan. It’s important to use a service like to make sure that this is recommended for you, though. Don’t just hop on the plan. Medical supervision is a must.

How Medifast Works: Medifast offers meal replacement products formulated to have low-calorie and low-fat content, which contain optimal levels of vitamins. The formula will generally take consumers into a mild state of ketosis. The most popular plan is referred to as ‘5 and 1’. This plan includes five meal replacements and a ‘real’ meal, which contains lean protein, and salad or vegetables (resulting in about 800—1,000 calories consumed a day). A loss of two—five pounds per week is affirmed by Medifast during the first two weeks, and one to two weekly after this.

What are Medifast shakes? Medifast shakes serve as a meal replacement. Replacing a duo of your daily meals with Medifast shakes controls and limits the number of calories you consume, allowing you to gradually and healthily lose weight. We believe that with this detailed review you can conclude whether Medifast shakes are the right method of weight loss for you or not.

Following A Weight Loss Plan To Lose Large Amounts Of Weight

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Weight loss: The Medifast plan is a diet that is very restricted. By their instructions, you can eat 800 to 1,000 calories a day, which is enough to cause significant weight loss. Also, six small meals are to be spread throughout the day, as this helps control hunger and stops the body from switching into ‘starvation mode’; the stage which makes the body want to store nutrients as fat.

Ease Of Use: The Medifast diet plan is quite simple. You need to eat five Medifast meals or snacks evenly spaced throughout the entire day, with a ‘lean and green’ meal, which consists of lean meat and green vegetables for your dinner. This means counting calories is not your concern, and makes you concentrate on selected choices for most of your meals. This simplicity helps users, especially in the early days when adjusting might be somewhat difficult.

Clinical Trials Undergone by Medifast

1. A study on patients who participated in clinical Medifast was carried out at Johns Hopkins University. The results showed that Medifast has led to significant weight loss (i.e., 67 lb. average loss in men and 57 lb. average loss in women).
2. Research done on diabetic patients showed that Medifast has proven to be more efficient to control type 2 diabetes when compared with ADA-recommended programs.
3. Another report revealed that Medifast is better for “those typically approved for obesity drug treatment” and that customers are more committed to this than most of the commercial programs.