The Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

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The Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

Travel is an incredible experience for all, but for fans of history, it can truly enlightening; discover the best destinations for history buffs...

If you are someone who just loves history, then you are probably aware that it goes hand in hand with travel very well. After all, everything happens somewhere, and by visiting the site of where a famous incident occurred, you can very often gain a further insight into it, as well as the sense of what it must have been like to be there.

The Best Travel Destinations For History Buffs

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There are certainly destinations which tend to lend themselves more readily to this kind of experience, though. Where, you ask? Let’s take a look at some of the best travel destinations for true history buffs…

Greece: If you want to dive into some Western history, where better to begin than in one of the main birthplaces of the modern Western way of thinking and living? Greece is absolutely full of amazing historical sites. Most notably, there is Athens, with the world-famous Acropolis and Parthenon are. You can also walk around the city and see many other famous sites as you go, too, and you really won’t ever find yourself being bored at all. Alternatively, or additionally, you can go and see some of the islands, which have a lot of old ruins there still, largely owing to the fact that they are islands and therefore don’t develop as quickly as mainland areas.

Italy: The other main aspect to Western history, of course, is the Roman side, so for that you will need to go to Italy to see Rome. As well as just being a beautiful and fun place for tourists to visit, Rome is likewise absolutely full of incredible sites that history fans will know well, and adore. If you have never seen the Colosseum, for instance, or the Forum, then you will absolutely want to check those places out. You can even see the exact point where Romulus and Remus first laid a stone, and arguably where Rome was first established. That’s not something you can easily see anywhere in the world.

Beyond Rome, Italy has so many other historical areas to see. A notable option is Pompeii, home of the famous volcanic eruption which left the people of the city entombed underground. When the archaeologists discovered them, they poured plaster of paris down into the ground, creating the world-famous plaster casts of people that we all know about. If you want to see those in person for yourself, there is only one place to go.

The Best Travel Destinations For History Buffs

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Scotland: Of course, the British Isles has a lot of history wherever within its borders you might choose to visit. But Scotland has some really interesting points to discover, and it’s one of those places where you feel as though you can genuinely see the history right in front of you. The buildings in Edinburgh, for example, seem to be quite literally dripping with age, and it’s an amazing experience for anyone who loves that kind of visceral feeling of being in touch with the history of a place.

The Best Travel Destinations For History Buffs

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It’s not just Edinburgh that can offer you that, however, and if you want to see plenty of Scotland’s history one great way to do so is to go on a tour of the Jacobite Trail. This will take you all over the country, visiting a huge number of castles along the way, and it’s a great trip for tourists and history lovers alike. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

India: For a completely different kind of history, why not check out India? The country of India has a huge amount of historical relevance, and again it is the kind of place where you can really see all of the history right there in front of you. That is something that can really make the experience of the place a lot more exciting, and you will find that you are always going to see more and more amazing things every time you go.

Whether you go to Delhi, or you want to check out famous buildings like the Taj Mahal, or you even want to take a look at the Ganges, you are going to feel steeped in history the whole way. This is likely to be particularly good for those who are interested in the spiritual and religious history of the East, with notable religious figures having passed through India many items in history.

As you can see, there are plenty of places you might want to consider if you are a history buff keen on travelling the world. Get that passport renewal sorted and let’s get ready to start travelling again.