Choose the Right Reading Glasses

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Choose the Right Reading Glasses

The need to correct your vision is natural with advancing age, discover how to choose the right reading glasses for you...

Are you having trouble reading the newspaper or the text on the websites you browse on your laptop? Can’t see text in small print or need to adjust the position of the text to see it clearly? It is a clear sign that your eyes are not able to focus on close objects. There is no need to be overly worried, it’s only natural to need glasses to correct your vision with advancing age.

How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses for You

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It may feel overwhelming to choose reading glasses that are perfect for your requirements because of the sheer variety of frames and lenses available in the market. However, finding the right reading glasses is not as difficult as it seems. Here are some important things to know when choosing the right reading glasses for you.

Determine the Important Signs of Poor Vision: Most people pay scant attention to their vision. They become worried only when they have blurred vision or find it difficult to read from a book or newspaper. Are you suffering from one of the following signs?

— You find it hard to decipher the text when reading a book or a newspaper. You need to increase or decrease the distance to see the printed text.
— You cannot see clearly under dim lighting conditions.
— You feel discomfort in your eyes when reading from a book or working on a computer.
— You start to experience a slight headache whenever you try to read the fine print from a book.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above-mentioned signs, you need to get your eyes checked for vision.

How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses for You

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Custom or Ready-Made Reading Glasses? If you are in a hurry or want an inexpensive solution to the problem of blurry vision, you can buy ready-made reading glasses available in drugstores. These glasses called ‘readers’ have a number called diopters mentioned on their tag. These ready-made glasses start with 1.00 diopters and usually end with 4.00 diopters. You will find reading glasses in increasing strength from 1.00 to 4.00.

How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses for You


You should start with the least strength and then go on trying glasses with increasing diopters to find the one that meets your requirements. There are dozens of drugstores selling these ready-made reading glasses, and as evident at Shark Eyes Inc., these can also be found online. You just have to make sure to purchase from a trusted source.

You must try to read text placed at a distance of 14—16 inches when choosing the right reading glasses. You might require two pairs of these ready-made glasses of different diopters if you also work on the computer as the distance of the monitor from the eyes of the user is around 24 inches. Ready-made reading glasses will work perfectly if you have never worn glasses before and you have never suffered from other eye ailments. Many drugstores have made arrangements of written text to help their customers in choosing the right reading glasses. It is always prudent to carry a book when going to a drugstore to buy reading glasses.

Custom reading glasses become necessary when your vision is different in both eyes. Custom glasses are also needed when the patient is suffering from other diseases of eyes like astigmatism and myopia. You need to get your vision checked by an optometrist so that you can buy custom reading glasses. Any optician will make your custom reading glasses based upon the prescription given by the optometrist.

Choose the Design and Shape of the Lens: Lenses are available in many different shapes and sizes. You also need to choose the right design based on your needs for vision correction. If your problem is just poor vision from a close distance, you need single vision lenses. These are the most popular and common lenses available in the market. Bi-focal lenses are needed by people who have difficulty with close vision and also distance vision. There is a clear dividing line in the lens to allow the user to clearly look properly at objects at a distance and also those placed at a close distance.

How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses for You

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Finally, you see progressive lenses as a better alternative to bifocal lenses. You don’t see a dividing line in these lenses and yet the user can see objects close by and at a distance with the help of these lenses. Progressive lenses are best when vision correction is needed for intermediate distances. You can leave the selection of the design of lens in the hands of your ophthalmologist as he is the professional who knows everything about matching the lens with the requirement of the customer.

How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses for You

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The shape of the lens plays a crucial role in vision correction. If your eyes are weak only slightly, you can easily solve your vision problem through a narrow lens. However, a thick lens becomes necessary when multiple prescription requirements need to be met. If all requirements of the prescription are not met, you may not get a clear vision from your lenses.

Choosing Between Metallic and Plastic Frames: The frame in which lenses are fitted needs to be comfortable if you are required to wear reading glasses for long periods. You can choose between plastic and metal frames according to your taste and comfort. Plastic frames are preferred by those who tend to break the frame through slips and mishaps. Metallic frames are more glamorous and also lightweight. You will also find titanium and alloy frames in the market. The choice of frame is strictly personal as different people have different choices. You can try out several frames and see your image in a mirror to decide on the frame that looks best on your face.

In the end, it would suffice to say that you must take prompt action when you notice that your vision has become weak. You can take the easier route of ready-made reading glasses if the problem is minor. However, taking the advice of an ophthalmologist becomes necessary if you want custom glasses made on prescription. It becomes easy to find perfect reading glasses for you when you keep the factors described in this article in your mind.