What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Sporty or sensible? Neon green or understated black? Unsurprisingly, the colour of your car says a lot about you, but what exactly?

While you can likely remember vividly the few time that you spotted a jarring red Ferrari, bright yellow Porsche, or a lime green Lambo whizzing down the road, most luxury cars are in fact not painted in such bold colours. Most cars, luxury or not, come in timeless colours such as white and black; simply because you can rarely go wrong with such shades. While these mild colours may not be as eye-catching, they are undeniably classic and elegant to the eye; which is why many still opt for them.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Photo, Viktor Theo.

Manufacturers will tell you the same thing, and they have the statistics to back it up, too. Traditional shades like black, white and silver will continue to be the colours that are most in demand. In fact, a third of all luxury vehicles come in a silver body; the reigning colour pick for luxury car owners. To add on, various shades of white, like pearl and cream, take up about another 30%. The lighter colours actually prevailing over the darker hues, with only 8.5% of all luxury vehicles sold last year being black.

Personality Profile. Here’s the fun part: what does the colour of your luxury car tell about your personality? Unlike your fashion sense that can change every season, your choice of car colour is undoubtedly a more significant one. It is a decision that will stay with you for a much longer time. And cost a hell of a lot more. Your choice of car colour can thus provide an indication of what matters to you, and how you may perceive yourself.

Colour induces one’s memory, and can significantly influence one’s mood. This is especially so when the colour choice is related to how you express yourself. Those with bolder personalities will likely be less afraid to go for louder and brighter colours such as orange and mustard yellow, which is often associated with the younger, sportier drivers.

If you’re someone who loves the feel of adrenaline pumping through your veins and are more aggressive in your driving habits, then you’re likely to go for fiery colours, like red and yellow. On the other hand, more neutral colours like grey and white are considered minimalist and classy colours; thus those with calmer demeanours may be a bigger fan of those.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Photo, Tim Meyer.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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How Do People Choose? In a nutshell, how you choose your car colour may be a matter of what your instinct tells you, and what you reach for. Here’s an interesting fact: female companions, in particular, can play a significant role in the choice of car colour, as well as the car design both inside and out. When couples go hunting for a car together, men will likely pay more attention to the car’s capabilities such as the performance and engine, while they are likely to let their wife decide on the car colour.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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Apart from indicating what your personality type may be, your car’s colour actually greatly affects its value. Owners of unpopular car colours will find that their car’s residual value will be lower than others by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Colour Forecast. A colour that conveys purity and timeliness, it seems that white will remain a top pick, and this is not likely to change anytime in the near future. Back in the 1990s, teal was the most popular choice. Many sought to stand out with this vivid yet gorgeous colour. Fast forward to the year 2016, we see that nostalgic tones of greens and fresh pinks seemed to bounce back in popularity.

Marketplace Relevance. Economic conditions could actually affect your choice of colour, too. For instance, dips in the economy saw colours such as dull greys rising in demand, while booming years welcomed brighter and cheerier hues.

To make a better guess on the top car colour on any level, you’ll have to first understand what people want to feel in their vehicle. When one cannot feel any relation to a certain colour, it could mean that their life’s happenings are not associated with that hue. Tones of familiarity and warmth are feelings that one would want to be surrounded by. And, not forgetting, colours on the interior and exterior of the car should complement each other as well.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Photo, Yuvraj Singh.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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Prime Location. Where you reside is another factor that may affect your choice of car colour. In the United States, there is a consistently higher demand for darker colours in the Northern states as compared to the South. In areas where more sunlight bakes the ground, lighter colours are a more popular choice.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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Taking a look at Bentley, the company offers 17 standard exterior choices on its new Bentayga, as well as up to 90 colour options in its extended range. The British luxury carmaker reveals that it sells its wildest colour combinations in the Middle East where it is blistering hot; we’re looking at an electric green body with pale grey interior, or hot orange exterior paired with ebony wood trim. This goes to show how the weather can affect colour picks; we’ll not expect to see such vibrancy in cold and rainy Europe.

Other factors that can influence your decision include your vehicle type. As cute as it’ll look, a neon green minivan is not going to look as dashing as a BMW convertible in the same colour, but it all depends on the type of vibe you’re going for.

It’s interesting how the colour of your luxury car could be a decision made based on several elements of your life: where do you live in? What’s your personality type like? Has your career or business been going well for you? With that said, it doesn’t mean that only one shade is rightfully meant for you. Ultimately, you should just go for the car colour that you like best, even if it’s the boldest red for your mellow personality.

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