Daniel Sachon, Disruptive Innovation at Londonewcastle Project Space

Daniel Sachon, Chanel to Bed

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Classic icons meet modern advertising in the photography of Daniel Sachon...

As celebrity endorsements go, it’s hard to beat Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No 5; arguably the world’s most beautiful woman of the day delicately scented with the world’s most famous fragrance, each epitomising the “brand values” of the other and forming such a natural partnership that the idea of payment for services doesn’t even enter the viewer’s head.

Daniel Sachon, Sundaze

Daniel Sachon, Sundaze

Things have got a whole lot more blatant, cynical and vulgar since those days, and one hopes Maz would have told the likes of Starbucks and Apple where they could shove their big fat cheques when they came knocking. London artist Daniel Sachon does the imagining for us in his photographic series looking at the relationship between art and commerce.

Sachon gives us a modern-day Marilyn coquettishly clutching an iPhone, and seductively sipping at a coffee cup — even the classic Chanel ads get a contemporary reworking that throws out all subtlety and presents a relationship in which the product dominates. Female beauty as a commercial commodity is a theme throughout the Disruptive Innovation show, which is being held at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch from 10 December to 17 December.


An Air of Prontezza

Daniel Sachon, An Air of Prontezza

The Divine State of Decay

Daniel Sachon, The Divine State of Decay

Millennial Marilyn

Daniel Sachon, Millennial Marilyn


Daniel Sachon, 4D

Oblique Fascination

Daniel Sachon, Oblique Fascination

Face of the Future Lion Babe I

Daniel Sachon, Face of the Future Lion Babe I

Coffee Break

Daniel Sachon, Coffee Break

In Another Unimerce

Daniel Sachon, In Another Unimerce