PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest

Tombola Patrick, Not free to be young

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Rights and Wrongs

PRISMA photography competition puts the focus on freedom and oppression...

A photography competition aiming to draw attention to issues surrounding human rights is being held at the Venice International Film Festival in September.

Georgia conflict

Rena Effendi: Ala Tarasova 68 years old. Ethnically Russian, she fled Sukhumi, Abkhazia 17 years ago after her husband and son had been killed in the war. Ever since then she has been living alone in a refugee camp in Tskhvari Chamia, where a new flow of refugees had arrived from South Ossetia the week of Russia – Georgia conflict in August, 2008

The submissions process for PRISMA launched at the Venice Biennale earlier this year, and now the entrants have been whittled down to a final group with their work to be exhibited at the Italian city’s Monastery of San Nicolò.

Twenty international artists have contributed one image each on this year’s theme of Freedom. Their interpretations around this broad topic include freedom of representation, such as in the photograph from Jumoke Sanwo which addresses gender equality in Nigeria, Italian artist Myriam Meloni’s work tackling freedom of migration, and freedom in the most basic sense as portrayed by Mario Badagliacca in his prison scene. The exhibition also features work from guest exhibitor Rena Effendi, from Azerbaijan, who is part of the judging panel. The public can view the PRISMA show between 11 September and 11 October.

The full list of participants is: Jenevieve Aken (Nigeria), Mario Badagliacca (Italy), Max Bastard (South Africa), Chen Yi-Jie (Taiwan), Nicolas De Luigi (Italy / Switzerland), Jean-Jérôme Destouches (France / Argentina), Khaled Hasan (Bangladesh), Michael Vince Kim (Korea / USA), Ivan Kovalev(Russia / USA), Mário Macilau (Mozambique), Myriam Meloni (Italy), Adam Jacobi Moller (Denmark), Ramón Ruiz Sampaio (Mexico), Michele Salati (Italy), Jumoke Sanwo (Nigeria), Simone Settimo (Italy), Luigi Storto (Italy), Federico Sutera Sardo (Italy), Patrick Tombola (Italy / Australia), Margherita Vitagliano (Italy).

The first edition of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest is organised by The Global Campus of Masters‘ Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation in collaboration with Lightbox.

Macilau Mário

Macilau Mário, Enjoying

Rena Effendi

Rena Effendi: Bombed Russian military base in Tshinvali. South Ossetia. Russia – Georgia conflict. August, 2008

Rena Effendi

Rena Effendi: Felicia Owlboy, age 19, at her aunt Jada’s home in St. Michaels. The tattoo on her arm is dedicated to her father who hung himself. Spirit Lake, North Dakota. 2013

Aken Jenevieve

Aken Jenevieve, The Masked Woman

Bastard Max

Bastard Max, A Peasants Struggle

Meloni Myriam

Meloni Myriam, A dream called Europe

Storto Luigi

Storto Luigi, Bosketari

Badagliacca Mario

Badagliacca Mario, Chessboard (from Lettere dal CIE project)

Sanwo Jumoke

Sanwo Jumoke, The Silence