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Artists celebrate launch of app-generated personalised book...

Did you know that the human brain can hold 1,000 Terabytes of memories? Or that 25mph is the maximum ground speed of a wild turkey? No, of course you didn’t, but that’s the kind of ignorance that The Book of Everyone can put right. It’s a new app that generates personalised 50-page books from just a few details about the lucky recipient and a bit of computer wizardry – as soon as I hear the word “algorithm” my mind wanders but The Book of Everyone apparently uses a clever one to pull together interesting facts about the person and can incorporate submitted pictures as well as the quality app-supplied graphics. Once the app has done its thing there are different printing options for the finished article, including an e-book, paperback and hardback versions, and they make a great gift.

To launch the service, KK Outlet recently invited a group of artists to try the app out and choose a nugget of information from their own Book of Everyone to illustrate. French artist Jean Julien, for example, chose the fact that the word “Eco-terrorist” was added to the dictionary in 1980, while Kyle Platts’ picked up on the highest-grossing film from 1988, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.


The Book of Everyone The Book of Everyone The Book of Everyone

Jean Julien

The Book of Everyone The Book of Everyone

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The Book of Everyone