Single House, Athens


Single House, Athens

Acropolis view isn't the only wonder to be seen at Athens house...

This is another of those occasions when being a reader of the world’s best online design magazine* slips you a treat like no one else could. Take a good look at this sumptuous piece of interior design by Minas Kosmidis of the Architecture in Concept studio, you lucky lot, because you won’t be experiencing it in person unless you talk the house’s owners into selling you the place, or break in while they’re out shopping.**

This two-storey detached house in Athens boasts an enviable view of the Acropolis, but frankly who needs one of the world’s great architectural monuments when you have this interior to gaze on right under your nose? Yes, we’re being silly – in fact AiC based the entire re-model around that view as its central selling point, but along the way created something pretty special closer to home. The ground floor, suffering from a lack of natural light, has been fitted with moveable wooden panels, in place of doors and walls, that can be configured to maximise the available rays. Upstairs a big glass wall serves as a frame to the Acropolis from inside the house, although there is a verandah and a roof terrace from which to see the landmark. Throughout, natural earth and sand tones echo that of the Acropolis, with marble complementing the walnut and black metal frames providing contrast. As Aristotle might have said, wowzer!

*as voted for by me, and the rest of the We Heart staff.
**PLEASE don’t do that. Really, don’t.

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Photography, Ioanna Roufopoulou