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Action film pastiche is a brolly good show...

Anyone who has watched the latest instalment of the James Bond series, Skyfall, will have seen some iconic British landmarks getting bashed about and blown up in the name of entertainment. While the budgets of the two projects may be slightly different, Pop Pop Bang similarly examines action sequences set against quintessentially British backdrops, only in this case using exploding umbrellas. Take note for the next film, Q.

Photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns have recreated the B-movie backbone of girls, guns and cars on ingeniously rigged sets, placed incongruously by a forest, a stately home and London’s docklands. The umbrellas are opened in a choreographed sequence, revealing their jigsaw image against the backdrop before going up in flames in a Michael Bay way, with some John Woo doves thrown in for good measure. There must have been some squeaky bums while filming these set pieces as we can’t imagine there was a whole lot of spare brollies (or doves) for re-takes.

You can have a closer look at Pop Pop Bang at creative agency Mother London on Redchurch Street, London. Just don’t stand too close, the forecast is for a strong chance of explosions…

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