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Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Família

Giving projection mapping its wow-factor back...

Remember the awe when you first saw a bit of projection mapping – the 3D video projecting technique that brings architecture to life? Remember how shortly after, what seemed to be every single design and tech website on the entire planet had throttled that excitement to death? Another brand collaboration, another sliding window, on another faceless concrete wall… oooh, aaah; they’d become the Catherine Wheels of the design world, and no matter how much money, or tech-geek brainpower were thrown at them – we were done.

Then, then… some clever buggers decided to change the playing field – or, more aptly, the projection field. What could possibly be done to give architectural projection mapping its wow-factor back? Only go and shine those super-expensive bits of technology onto the world’s most frantically insane building. That’s what! And so, during this year’s round of Barcelona’s ginormous La Mercè festivities, Montreal-based Moment Factory did just that; transforming Gaudí’s fabulously deranged posthumous masterpiece into a psychedelic vision of wonder.

The internationally renowned design studio may count Madonna, Jay-Z and Nine Inch Nails amongst their clients, but they’ll surely never work with an icon on this kind of scale again.

Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia