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We’re Electric

Surprisingly intelligent piece of automotive promotion...

We’re Electric is a limited edition cloth-bound publication, specially commissioned to celebrate the launch of the Ampera – Vauxhall’s new electric vehicle. The collection of essays, observations, illustrations and poems – curated by The Idler‘s founder Tom Hodkinson – explore the magic of electricity. Dispersing fears, answering curiosities and reminding us how amazing electricity really is – it aims to open our minds to its even greater potential. The book includes musing about its key role in, not just science (harnessing kinetic and solar power), but in art, fashion and entertainment.

The book features chapters by Will Self, a wonderful poem by Murray Lachlan Young and a rather witty short story by Ben Moor. Some of the more amusing chapters include Danny Wootton’s …Domestic Wiring Can Be Inspiring alongside artworks by Chrissie Abbott (previously featured on these pages) and Alice Smith. The rather handsome book is fun and fascinating, but most importantly a great read; the short chapters make ‘learning’ fun… and even though it’s essentially a piece of promotion for Vauxhall, Tom Hodkinson insisted on having complete creative and editorial freedom when putting it together, which is nice. Makes you think really, can we start to take the pressure off our consumption of oil? If we can power vehicles using sugar (in Brazil), or babies nappies (in development in Canada), we can literally harness energy from anything!


We’re Electric is priced at priced at £12.95 RRP and can be purchased online at idler.co.uk.

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