Design Geekery; Love Hut


Design Geekery; Love Hut

A little love for London and its design community...

Walking down St John’s Street in the sunshine, while exploring Clerkenwell Design Week, I found a little wooden hut filled with pink post-it notes. It was Architecture for Humanity’s Love Hut, a very simple concept, which asked people to write what they loved about London on a (pink) post-it note and add it to the growing collection of praise for our wonderful city. They even supplied a Sharpie, hanging on a piece of string from the middle.

Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit organisation that brings design, construction and development services, pro bono, to those who need them most. I really believe in the power of a positive approach. That doesn’t mean rose tinted glasses – it means celebrating what’s good, and finding solutions for what’s not. The latter is a big part of why Architecture for Humanity was founded, so it was great to see them getting involved in the former.

And on a gorgeous day surrounded by incredible design, this little hut summed up everything that is good about London, about London’s design community, about Clerkenwell and about CDW. Thank you to Architecture for Humanity and to all the lovely people who contributed (because let’s face it, without them, it just would have been a wooden hut). My favourite comment; “When the sun shines, London is the best city in the world.” I couldn’t agree more.

Design Geekery; Love Hut Design Geekery; Love Hut Design Geekery; Love Hut Design Geekery; Love Hut

Photography © Katie Treggiden