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Tell Us Something

So you wanna tell us what a good job we’re doing? Or you’ve got a brilliant new product that’s just right for us? We love to hear from our readers, good or bad, well, just good actually, and we love to receive tips on what’s hot where you are right now. So, if you’re reading from South America and you know of a glamorous nightspot that nobody else does, then get in touch, if you’re reading from Germany and want to tell us about a new boutique hotel opening, then we want to hear about that too. In fact, if you’re reading at all then we’d just love to hear from you.

You can get in touch with us by emailing: suggestions@weheart.co.uk

Please note that whilst we love hearing from you, we do get a LOT of emails and sometimes it gets hard to reply individually to each request, we’re not ignoring you, we’re just busy delivering the best in quality lifestyle content!