Coffee Tips for the Right Start to the Day


Coffee Tips for the Right Start to the Day

From equipment and science to mood and rituals, get the right start to the day with these coffee blends and brewing tips...

Your search for the best blends and smartest brewing tips that will add a little extra healthy burst of energy to the start of your day is finally over. But don’t worry, we’re not going to try and push you towards a particular coffee machine brand or gadget — we’re just chasing the perfect morning routine. Take a read, give some thought to our ideas, and then put a couple of them into practice and see the results for yourself. Enjoy…

Blends and Brewing Tips for the Right Start to the Day

Clean your coffee maker

Before we even start thinking about complex techniques and fancy blends, we need to get the basics right. The key to the perfect cup of the good stuff is to get the fundamentals in good order, which is why cleaning your coffee maker is the first place to start.

You want to be able to give every bean the freedom to shine and stand out when it meets your tastebuds, so a neutral starting point is essential. Getting rid of overlapping notes and aromas will make sure that you enjoy the pure, authentic coffee experience that your chosen blend and brewing technique is trying to offer you. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone for a day that feels like it truly is flowing from one great moment to the next.

Consider a slow drip system

5 minutes is the optimal time for a slow drip, and it’s also a great way to vary things up if you typically stick to the French press. Having the freedom and flexibility to try out a new brewing technique will allow you to home in on precisely what your tastebuds want, all while giving yourself a much greater appreciation of what it means to really master brewing.

If you think of making a cup of coffee as a skill, rather than just another chore in your day, you’ll find that you get so much more out of it. Ideal when you want to be able to hit the ground running each morning by finding something that you can take pride in and get enjoyment from.

Blends and Brewing Tips for the Right Start to the Day

Follow the golden ratio

1:18 is the perfect ratio when you want to balance your coffee and water. Get it just right and you’ll have something that is neither too watery nor too strong. It’s about taking your time to make sure the preparation is on point, so you can create something that your tastebuds are sure to thank you for later.

As soon as you start to appreciate the difference between 1:17 and 1:19, you’ll be left in no doubt that the sweet spot lies directly in the middle. Experiment, test out a few different brewing strengths, and then settle on the golden ratio as the perfect start to your day.

Don’t grind the day before

Every lifehacker out there will tell you that you simply have to start prepping your drinks and meals the night before if you’re going to have any hope of getting through the morning. The problem with this is that even the finest coffee starts to lose its taste just 30 minutes after being ground — the beans just don’t like being exposed to all that circulating air.

Turn grinding into a part of your morning ritual and you’ll be able to enjoy every last drop safe in the knowledge that you’re not sacrificing a single ounce of taste. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to start the day the right way.

Blends and Brewing Tips for the Right Start to the Day

Match your brew to your mood

If you have a few different options on the go, you’ll find that you can lift yourself up, calm yourself down, or just ground yourself depending on how you feel. Go for something warming and earthy on those days when you’re struggling a little to get going and you’ll soon have the perfect balance to your day.

You could even go a little further and have a couple of other brews for the afternoon and the evening if that is something that makes you smile. It’s all about making coffee a central part of your day so that you can feel yourself gliding from one event to the next, all while feeling like you’re in complete control.

Always use purified water

It’s a simple one and yet it’s all too easy to overlook. Even the best beans in the world will have the shine taken off them if you’re using water that is too hard, too soft, or has something of a lingering aftertaste.

Brewing is actually more science than art, which means you need to have the right ingredients ready before you start. All of those delicate, nuanced reactions that unlock the full potential of each bean will be guided by the nature and quality of the water.

Turn it into a daily ritual

Lastly, make your morning brew a ritual you can anchor yourself to each and every morning. By having something you can look forward to the moment your alarm goes off, you’ll be able to get things off to the positive start that really does make the world of difference.

Starting your day with a warm cup of the good stuff is a simple, timeless way to get started. Rather than picking up your phone to check Whatsapp, playing online casino games or scrolling on social media, slow things down and give yourself the time and space you need. It’s about reconnecting with the world around you so you can breathe, relax, and ground yourself.

This simple little daily habit will give you everything you need to set the tone for the day, all so you can hit the ground running in your own inimitable way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to get more done without ever feeling rushed or under pressure.

The rest of the world is soon going to be left wondering how you do it…