6 Best Assignment Writing Services In 2024


6 Best Assignment Writing Services In 2024

Struggling at school? I've got your back. Here are the 6 best assignment writing services that helped me survive college...

I was never excited about my major (IT WAS PHILOSOPHY, OFC I WASN’T), eyeing the job market instead because sinking B O A T L O A D S of cash into a crumbling education system just didn’t sit right with me.

I mean, ‘Not going to college is self-sabotage!!!’ Yeah, sure, and going to college in this economy definitely isn’t self-sabotage 👍

Despite the system’s flaws, I aced my way through, thanks to some savvy use of academic help services (PAPERHELP in particular)—no cheating, just smart studying. Now, I’m not even working in my field—what a shocker. But I’ve got your back. I’m here to share the lowdown on the best assignment services that helped me thrive and that can keep you anonymous. Let’s make it all fun, SECURE, and scam-free!

A-a-and, the best assignment services are…

Out of this list, the #1 at the top stands the tallest. Its online assignment writing help carried me, so-o-o I’m recommending it over everything else. Here’s the full review of my favorite assignment website!

#1 – PaperHelp: The Absolute Best Assignment Help Website

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

– Free Samples: Yes; 60+ examples
– My Total N of Orders: 64
– My Scores with PaperHelp: 91-100

Company Background

PaperHelp is the oldest official and legal website in the world of academic help services. This hub of assignment writers started working in 2008.

Owned by Coreforce LTD, nestled in Nicosia, Cyprus, they’ve been the blueprint for countless others trying to match their game. Over 100,000 students from around the globe turn to them when they need a solid reference for their papers (7 of those used to be me and some other students who wanted help but feared ordering themselves).

Writers & Academic Helpers to Hire

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

Assignment writers all have BA, MA, or PhD degrees and come from the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. According to website statistics, 88% are ENLs, so there are ESL writers as well if you’re more comfortable working with a helper who knows the challenges of language barriers (or if you just need simple English for realism purposes).

When choosing your assignment writer, you have three main options…

– Basic: Basic assignment writers are solid choices for regular tasks. All have perfect English and write quite elaborately, offering logical and decent essays to get you 90+/100. Their works are error-free and original, and they deliver your thoughts just right!

– Advanced: For more demanding tasks, complex homework, and bigger projects, I highly recommend hiring an advanced assignment writer because this guarantees they have at least 3+ years of expertise in your field.

– Top: The most expensive option, top assignment writers, are those with flawless records and exceptional proficiency. They are most likely ex-professors and active practitioners with over 10 years of experience in your field. These are the best picks for final projects that determine your academic fate.

All of them know the academic formatting requirements and the principles of academic integrity, so you’re getting literate, logical, well-structured, and formatted papers in any case.

Communication with your writers is anonymous in the chat on the assignment website. I highly recommend that you stick to this form of communication and don’t contact your helper elsewhere (like on social media) because the site anonymizes you and encrypts all data, ensuring no leak can expose you!

Finished Paper Quality

The fact that my lowest score with PaperHelp was 91… It speaks for itself.

Every paper I ever received had 100% logic, 100% correctness, 100% clarity, and a confident tone that effectively delivered the main ideas. All essays were wisely structured, too, and every paragraph flowed into the next one, concluding the previous thoughts and preparing the reader for the next argument. When reading the materials and answers I got, I could finally understand what the professors wanted to hear from me, which basically carried me and made me an A- student (who used to be C+ at best).

100% of my papers easily passed AI and plagiarism checks, so I even stopped worrying about that at some point. Moreover, everything was already formatted, referenced properly, and styled in APA. At the end of the day, I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy Explained

PaperHelp takes confidentiality seriously, ensuring your peace of mind while using their services. Here’s the lowdown on how they protect your anonymity and data:

– Payment Security: PaperHelp’s website and payment systems align with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a global benchmark ensuring secure transactions. This means your payment details are handled safely, reducing the risk of data breaches.

– Personal Information Collection: When you use PaperHelp, you’ll need to provide some personal details like your name, email, and phone number. This information is essential for them to fulfill their contractual obligations and enhance their services. However, if staying under the radar is your top priority, you can limit the data you share beyond what is necessary for the service.

– Anonymity Options: For those ultra-cautious about identity exposure, you can minimize personal details shared on your profile. While some information is required for operational purposes, anything beyond that is at your discretion.

– Data Control: You have rights concerning your personal data, including access, correction, and erasure requests, giving you control over your information.

You can also manage cookies and use extra tools like proxies and VPNs to access the site and mask your IP! The site’s performance won’t change, but you will also stay incognito on the technical level.

Prices & Discounts

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

PaperHelp is generally a cheap assignment writing service, and most of your papers are unlikely to cost over $50 (for regular assignments and homework writing services). Some of my biggest orders were $240-460, but these were demanding projects written entirely from scratch, and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING, yet again.

Honestly? PaperHelp, literally the best assignment service, is TERRIBLE if you want discounts. It must have a first-time usage discount, though (when I registered, it was 5% off; I’m ineligible for this promotion anymore, so IDK if it is still that or something else).

The Verdict & Why I Recommend PaperHelp Over Everything Else

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

PaperHelp’s adept writing services emerged as my lifeline. They assured me I could commission ANY PAPER, OF ANY COMPLEXITY, and effectively sidestep academic hurdles while securing top-notch grades effortlessly.

Initially, even a 1-second thought of seeking such help filled me with DREAD and PAIN. I was plagued by fears of being labeled a cheat and risking suspension amid widespread disapproval, where the final Dark Souls boss fight was facing my mom. The prospect of engaging such services seemed unlawful, coupled with worries about receiving 5/10 work, squandering money and time, and… accumulating even more issues.

However, the consistent excellence of PaperHelp’s services dispelled all my apprehensions. Their commitment to…

– Quality
– Timely delivery
– Thorough and accurate research that required no further adjustments
– A practical and logical approach
– Stringent security measures
– And guaranteed anonymity
… reassured me.

So, yeah! Entrusting a legitimate service with professional assignment writers with your academic tasks could resolve your educational challenges without inviting additional problems. A-a-and PaperHelp is 10/10 for this.

5 More Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me

The following assignment help websites I recommend are the 5 best assignment service options out of 23 websites I’ve tested when studying. Like PaperHelp, all of them are licensed, legitimate, and transparent, with official US offices (even if the headquarters are elsewhere). Plus, the listed best assignment writing services can help you ANONYMOUSLY, ensuring no one can trace that you use academic assistance. Prices vary, but I selected the most affordable options.

If you choose a homework writing service from my list, please consider that the following reviews are MY experiences! I started using assignment websites when I was a sophomore, so I developed an algorithm for using them effectively. Depending on how and when you order, the results can differ.

Now, let’s dive into what other professional assignment writers can do for you!

#2 SpeedyPaper: The Best Assignment Writing Service for Big Projects

SpeedyPaper: The Best Assignment Writing Service for Big Projects

– Free Samples: Yes; over 2.5K examples
– My Total N of Orders: 29
– My Scores with SpeedyPaper: 90-97

My Experience

SpeedyPaper was actually the first online assignment writing website I tried, and I totally loved its assistance. I can see why it scores 4.9/5 stars on multiple platforms for reviews.

SpeedyPaper is entirely AI and plagiarism-free, which they prove with reports and check results from licensed software. Ordering a paper here takes 1-2 minutes, and writers start working instantly: you can track that in your account. And, yeah, it’s a fast one. Normally, when I ordered weekly assignments here (that needed 2-4 pages), I got my essays and HW a couple of days earlier.

Like PaperHelp, SpeedyPaper works with any assignment type, regardless of complexity and demands. It is also a highly secure assignments website, which only collects non-identifying information about you with Google Analytics without demanding personal details or storing digital fingerprints that may expose you in case of a data leak.

Regarding SpeedyPaper’s professional assignment writers, those are ENL specialists with BA, MA, and PhD degrees, usually with real experience working in colleges/universities, so you’re getting help from ex-assistants and associate professors.

I highly recommend SpeedyPaper as the best assignment help website for tasks that can wait. Here’s why: the longest deadline here is 20 days, and ordering a paper with such a time limit cuts the price DRASTICALLY, making college stuff cost $11 per page. Ordering weekly online assignment writing services might make you cut on other expenses because one page becomes $17, even if the deadline is seven days. Oh, five days? It’s $18 already. So-o-o, to save money, it’s wiser to order in advance from this best website for assignment help.

Prices & Discounts

SpeedyPaper: The Best Assignment Writing Service for Big Projects

In practice, Speedy Paper’s online assignment writing service is a bit more expensive than PaperHelp’s, especially if you deal with emergencies. Nevertheless, this website is great when it comes to discounts!!!

SpeedyPaper: The Best Assignment Writing Service for Big Projects

First of all, you get 11% off your assignment/essay/HW when you register. Second, you can recommend Speedy as the best assignment writing service to your friends and get 10% discounts. But also!! There are just many promos, normally at least two monthly, that make your papers 8-30% cheaper. The discounts aren’t only for Easter, Valentine’s, and other popular holidays, but also for random holidays that aren’t normally on one’s calendar (I mean… Lazy Day… Wikipedia’s Birthday… Work Like a Dog Day?. Every Halloween, you will get 13% off, which has been a thing for YEARS. Black Fridays also give you huge discounts, often the biggest ones. So, whenever I wanted to write my assignment cheap & fast, I ordered using promotions (the codes to them are right on the banners).


In general, SpeedyPaper takes stringent measures to safeguard your personal data, ensuring the security of both your account and service data.

Suppose you provide your name, phone number, and email address for account setup or service-related information during order placement. In that case, SpeedyPaper processes this data primarily to facilitate the smooth operation of its services, secure its website, and maintain essential backups—it won’t share or sell this information for marketing. Importantly, SpeedyPaper does not retain sensitive payment details, focusing instead on securing your personal information and transaction data to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.

Speedy DOES NOT TRACK PERSONAL DATA. It accepts non-personally identifiable information and works perfectly fine with it, letting you stay 100% anonymous.

#3 EssayPro: Cheap Assignment Writer Help in Emergencies

EssayPro: Cheap Assignment Writer Help in Emergencies

– Free Samples:
– My Total N of Orders: 25
– My Scores with EssayPro: 86-95

My Experience

EssayPro has been a game-changer in handling my urgent tasks. Registered in the UAE and with global offices, this service has supported students for over a decade. Its team predominantly holds Master’s degrees, providing a blend of ENL and ESL writers.

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

My interactions, particularly during urgent deadlines, have consistently yielded essays that are well-organized, clear, and logical. With a confident yet sometimes plain tone, my grades have consistently hovered above 86%, often breaking into the 90s!

Prices & Discounts

Financially, EssayPro is a standout. It offers a compelling price point that doesn’t compromise on quality. The discounts are substantial, escalating up to 40% based on order frequency, significantly lowering expenses. While not the cheapest, their pricing strategy offers considerable savings, especially compared to competitors like SpeedyPaper. Additionally, essentials like formatting and title pages come without additional costs! I think I did indeed save over $1.5K with this one.


When it comes to security, EssayPro takes no shortcuts. Their operations in multiple countries adhere to strict data protection standards, ensuring secure personal and transaction data handling. This commitment to safety, competitive pricing, and high-quality work make EssayPro a reliable partner for academic success.

#4 99Papers: A High-Quality + Cheap Assignment Writing Service for Regular Tasks

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

– Free Samples: Yes; over 20 examples
– My Total N of Orders: 22
– My Scores with 99Papers: 85-95

My Experience

99Papers has consistently stood out as a reliable partner for my academic needs, providing fast assignment help, effective homework solutions, and consistent essay writing.

Their commitment to originality is evident in their no-plagiarism and no-AI policy, ensuring every piece is uniquely crafted. With over a million completed orders, their service quality is proven. My interactions have always featured prompt deliveries, allowing ample time for review, too!

Prices & Discounts

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

The pricing at 99Papers is student-friendly, offering great value, especially when orders are placed in advance. Costs for urgent assignments are reasonable; the most I’ve paid for a last-minute essay was just under $100. While there are few discounts, the base prices are already competitive, making this service an affordable option for students on a budget.


Safety is a priority at 99Papers. They maintain an anonymous communication system between clients and writers, protecting personal information rigorously. With SSL 256-bit encryption on all transactions and a strict policy against logging payment or activity details, 99Papers ensures that both your privacy and data are secure!

#5 ExtraEssay: Not Quite Cheap Assignments Writing, But Highly Professional

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

– Free Samples: Yes; over 10 examples
– My Total N of Orders: 15
– My Scores with EssayPro: 90-100

My Experience

This is a hard one. The 1-4 best assignment services are quite similar, but this… Since I don’t know where to start, I will start from the very beginning IG.


I used this one after a recommendation. The price was okay, pretty much like everything I had already seen 48946823823487 times on various sites, including those I had been using. So, I ordered a regular paper and got a PHENOMENAL result that made me seem TOO SMART, which I didn’t want then. I dropped the service but returned to it at the end of my third year because I needed a term paper for a really DeMaNdInG course…

My result was an A+ (which I hoped nobody would consider suspicious).

Then-n-n let’s say an acquaintance who was a straight-A student needed emergency academic help, and they were terrified of using expensive or cheap assignments writing: they didn’t care about the quality; they just wanted to survive. Long story short, they had no choice and asked me to order for them. One week of concerningly stressful expectations, and it was done, and the score was 90+. Long story short X2, I ordered from this assignment writing service for them 6 more times, so almost half of my orders aren’t actually mine. Check out my room reveal after these events: *shows a picture of a psychiatrist ward*

Stories aside, ExtraEssay is literally EXTRA. NGL it’s NOT the best assignment service if you are a C-B student who does not spend a lot of energy, which is a known fact for every soul in your college. The quality, speed, support, and other aspects are 10/10 here. The scores with it are like those with PaperHelp—never under 90. So, why is it on the FIFTH PLACE? Well…

Prices & Discounts

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

Normal prices, right? Legit normal prices. Nothing unusual.

Choosing a specific writer you want: +$6.99 (excuse you)

Plagiarism check: +$7.99 (WHAT)

Sources: +$9.99 (why is this a thing)

Editor’s check: +15% (???)

Most other assignment websites do this for $0! So, yeah, this one is $FREE.99, but at least it tells you that it charges more. I still consider this unfair to students, especially regarding plagiarism, for which people can get suspended!!!

Well, at least it gives students a $15 coupon code upon registration and a welcome discount.


Like SpeedyPaper, ExtraEssay works with non-personally identifiable information, gathering data like a history of your interactions with the site, session duration, device’s system preferences, content of your requests, etc.—nothing specific to figure out that you’ve been using assignment help websites. You also have the right to request that the assignments website deletes the data it has collected about you!

#6 GradeMiners: The Biggest Base of Assignment Writers

6 Best Assignment Writing Services That Helped Me Survive College

– Free Samples:
– My Total N of Orders: 13
– My Scores with EssayPro: 84-95

My Experience

Grademiners is another legitimate academic assistance hub that deserves to be among the best assignment help services for its fast work and consistent essays/HW. I used this website for some less relevant courses, and a mix of Bs and As satisfied me entirely. All papers I got were logical and original, and ideas were delivered effectively; the tone could sometimes be bland, though, and I found a typo once. Nonetheless, the main fact is that all essays made perfect sense and were effortlessly submitted after this help!

Of all the best assignment writing services, I highly recommend this one to students who want to maintain a low profile and be true to the type of academic achiever they are. The writers are super friendly, and your helpers can imitate your style or make mistakes purposefully, creating tactical sabotage to ensure nothing is out of the usual system. It’s perfect for foreign students as well: the vast base of over 3K assignment writers has many ESL options!

Prices & Discounts

Like most other best assignment help websites, GradeMiners has affordable prices of about $13-16 per page, depending on what you order. It also has a 15% welcome discount! Unfortunately, no other promos are available to make your cheap assignments writing order even cheaper.


GradeMiners prioritizes the security of your data with stringent measures in place. Their website leverages advanced technology to prevent data breaches, ensuring a secure environment for your personal information. Complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations, they also mandate that all team members sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to safeguard your details.

Additionally, GradeMiners specialists ensure that your essays are never processed further or redistributed! You retain a COMPLETE OWNERSHIP of your work.

How I Selected the Best Assignment Writing Services

Embarking on my quest to find the most reliable paper writing services, I navigated a landscape that was as diverse as daunting. My initial encounters were mixed, ranging from subpar quality deliveries to issues with timeliness. These motivated me to craft a checklist that would guide me through the overwhelming multitude of options.

This checklist not only streamlined my selection process but also ensured that I partnered with services that aligned with my needs! The criteria include…

– Prices: Competitive yet fair pricing is crucial. It’s important that services are affordable without compromising on quality!

– Fast Writing: Efficiency is key. I looked for services that could deliver quality work within tight deadlines.

– Clear Payment Instructions: Payment procedures’ transparency avoids last-minute surprises and builds trust.

– Clear Terms and Conditions: I ensure that the terms regarding the usage of the papers are clear. Knowing that the papers you receive are meant for reference and follow ethical guidelines is essential.

– No AI & Plagiarism: Non-negotiable.

– Adherence to Student’s Requirements: The final deliverable should strictly conform to the provided instructions, reflecting a tailored approach to each assignment.

Scared of Getting Caught? How to Stay 100% Untraceable

Or what I did:

– Use a Proxy Identity: Create an account under the name of an older friend or sibling who isn’t associated with your university. This simple step can significantly distance you from any direct connections. This can be scary, though, especially if you’re asking a foreign friend you’ve never seen anywhere beyond online games, but that’s an option. I recommend asking a trusted cousin or uncle/aunt if you have no siblings (or they are younger).

– Utilize Proxies and VPNs: To further obscure your online activities, use proxies and VPNs. These tools encrypt your internet traffic, making it harder for anyone to trace your online actions back to you.

– Erase Digital Traces: Regularly delete any logs of your activity related to the service. This includes clearing your browser history, cookies, and cache to eliminate lingering digital footprints.

– Personalize the Work: To make the work your own, rewrite and edit parts of the paper yourself. This helps in disguising the source and ensures the paper aligns more closely with your writing style.

– Understand Your Paper: Fully read and comprehend the content of your paper. If questioned, you should be able to discuss its contents! And it must be AUTHENTIC!

Final Words

The best assignment assistance I recommend has helped me a lot for YEARS. Maybe it will help you now.

I hope you have a safe and easy shortcut to academic success. Stay true to yourself, pursue what you love, and remember that the actual success is what YOU think it is, not what people around you want you to be or do.

Best of luck with your studies!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. Neither the author nor this site guarantees positive academic results from the services discussed. It is essential to consider the ethical implications and institutional policies regarding academic assistance before using such services.