Buy Best-Yielding Autoflowering Seeds in the US in 2024


Buy Best-Yielding Autoflowering Seeds in the US in 2024

The 11 best autoflower seeds of 2024: High yield & potent weed seeds for sale

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a popular choice for many growers who want to enjoy fast and easy harvests without worrying about the light cycle.

With their ability to flower automatically, regardless of the hours of light they receive, it’s no wonder why they are preferred by cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

But with so many autoflowering seeds available on the market, how do you choose the best ones for your needs? In this article, we will review some of the most popular and reliable autoflowering strains, starting with our top pick Northern Lights.

Whether you are looking for a high-THC powerhouse, a CBD-rich medical strain, or a balanced hybrid, we have something for you!

Top-rated Autoflower Seeds: First Look

1 – Northern Lights – Best overall (3x Winner of High Time Cannabis Cup)
2 – White Widow – Balanced full body high
3 – Bruce Banner – Leave your worries behind (upto 30% THC)
4 – Highcloudz – Huge yields up to 600g/m2
5 – Kryptonite Strain – Ideal plant for a quick pick-me-up
6 – Purple Kush – Burst of sweet, fruity flavors
7 – Gorilla Cookies – Truly exhilarating euphoric high
8 – Auto Cheese – Get knocked out in 1 hour
9 – Kushberry Moonrocks – Fast-flowering cannabis plant
10 – 3 Kings – Best for a creativity boost
11 – Acapulco Gold – Get an uplifting daytime high

Autoflower weed seeds are easy to cultivate, fast to harvest, and produce high-quality buds.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert grower, you will find the perfect strain for your needs. Read on and discover the best autoflower seeds of 2024!

1. Northern Lights – Best Autoflower Seeds Overall

Northern Lights

Potency: 4.9/5

Northern Lights Auto, a strain originally bred by crossing Thai and Afghani landrace strains, is predominantly Indica, containing approximately 90% to 95% Indica genetics.

This strain packs a punch with its 22% THC content, making it quite potent. Even experienced smokers should exercise caution and consume it in moderation to avoid the initial high.

Growing Difficulty: 4.8/5

Northern Lights Autoflower is a relatively manageable strain to grow. It typically reaches a moderate height of around 3.2 feet. The plant possesses a natural resilience to common issues like pests, fungi, and molds.

Taste: 5/5

The aroma of Northern Lights is robust and memorable, characterized by the aroma of pine. When it comes to taste, it closely mirrors its aroma, with prominent pine and woody flavors complemented by a hint of sweetness and a touch of peppery notes.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

Indoor growers will notice that the autoflowers are easy to grow in a SOG setup. Maintaining a controlled environment with a temperature ranging around 75°F is ideal. After the seedlings have sprouted, you can expect to harvest the buds in about 7 to 8 weeks.

Effects: 4.8/5

Considered a medicinal strain, Northern Lights Auto is renowned for its potent body stone and its ability to provide relief from physical ailments such as migraines and arthritis.

Many users have reported its effectiveness as a muscle relaxant. Additionally, it reportedly has mood-enhancing properties, which can be beneficial for individuals dealing with psychological issues.

Where To Buy Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

You can buy the Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds from Seed Supreme. The website offers a number of different options alongside a germination guarantee. You also get your packages delivered in a discrete manner.

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2. White Widow – Balanced Full Body High

White Widow

Potency: 4.7/5

White Widow, a well-loved indica hybrid since the 1990s, is known for its delightful blend of a clear-headed high and a soothing sense of calm. It’s the go-to choice for those seeking the happy vibes associated with cannabis.

Growing Difficulty: 4.65/5

White Widow, being an autoflowering strain, is incredibly easy to cultivate and stays compact in size. This makes it an excellent option for indoor cultivation or beginners in the world of marijuana.

Under ideal conditions, White Widow Autoflowering plants can yield approximately 5 to 15 ounces per plant when grown outdoors.

Taste 4.9/5

White Widow carries a robust earthy aroma, clearly reflecting its indica lineage. Additionally, there are hints of tanginess, spiciness, and fruity undertones, mostly experienced as an aftertaste.

In terms of flavor, you’ll savor its sweetness intermingled with woody or even pine-like notes. Overall, its taste and aroma are intricate and delightful.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

These seeds are feminized or cannabis seeds: and it’s worth noting that female plants are the ones responsible for marijuana production. Autoflowering plants transition to the flowering stage after 6 to 7 weeks, regardless of light exposure.

Effects: 4.6/5

Many describe the White Widow experience as a gentle, uplifting burst of energy, perfect for social interactions. Its effects are predominantly cerebral, with only subtle physical sensations.

Where To Buy White Widow Autoflower Seeds

Unlike many other indica strains, White Widow offers a gentle, relaxing experience. If you’re interested in buying autoflower seeds, you can find them at ILGM, a trusted source with 25 years of experience in selling such autoflower weed seeds. They even offer discounts of up to 50% on their website.

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3. Bruce Banner – Best for Instant Calmness

Bruce Banner

Potency: 4.76/5

Bruce Banner, a strain resulting from the crossbreeding of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, leans towards the sativa side, boasting remarkable potency.

It has earned recognition by winning the High Times Cannabis Cup and consistently features THC levels exceeding 25%, occasionally reaching as high as 30% under optimal conditions.

Growing Difficulty: 4.55/5

Bruce Banner cannabis plants are characterized by their compact size and relatively quick growth, making them easier to cultivate and manage. They are not demanding in terms of care and attention.

Taste: 4.7/5

Bruce Banner autoflower weed seeds offer a complex and appealing aroma profile. The scent is a delightful combination of sweetness and earthy dankness, reflecting the strain’s diverse effects.

OG Kush, one of its parent strains, contributes hints of damp soil, diesel, and skunk, with subtle citrus notes adding to the overall palatable smoking experience.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

Bruce Banner autoflower seeds typically require eight to ten weeks to reach the flowering stage. During this period, the appearance of orange pistils signals the exceptional potency and ripeness of the plant.

Effects 4.4/5

This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a harmonious blend of effects that encompass both cerebral and physical sensations. Its powerful indica lineage delivers a deep sense of relaxation alongside the predominant cerebral effects.

Where To Buy Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

You can acquire Bruce Banner Autoflower weed Seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co, a reputable source offering a wide selection of high-quality autoflower weed seeds at affordable prices.

When you order your autoflower weed seeds from them, you can expect discreet shipping, various
payment options, and a germination guarantee for your peace of mind.

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4. Highcloudz – High Indoor Yields


Potency: 4.4/5

Highcloudz Auto, a hybrid of Highcloudz and Watermelon Auto, boasts a balanced genetic profile comprising 50% indica, 40% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. It delivers an uplifting experience and features a delightful, sweet aroma and taste.

Growing Difficulty: 4.5/5

These autoflowers feminized seeds are well-suited for novice growers. They can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, with Highcloudz Auto reaching a height of approximately 160 cm.

Taste: 4.5/5

Highcloudz Auto offers a unique flavor that combines the deep, rich sweetness of Highcloudz with the sweet notes reminiscent of Zkittlez, derived from its Watermelon genetics.

Flowering Time: 4.6/5

Highcloudz Auto has a relatively short flowering period, taking only 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Indoor yields are reported to be high, while outdoor plants can produce around 140 grams per plant.

Effects: 4.4/5

This strain initially delivers an uplifting and energizing experience, gradually transitioning into a physically relaxing high that’s perfect for enjoying with friends.

Where to Buy Highcloudz

Highcloudz Auto Feminized Seeds can be acquired from Seedsman, a leading figure in the cannabis industry for the past two decades.

Seedsman is renowned for pioneering the commercialization of autoflowering and CBD genetics and offers a wide variety of both new and traditional strains.

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5. Kryptonite – Best for a Quick Pick-me-Up


Potency: 4.6/5

This hybrid strain provides a delightful blend of energy and relaxation due to its Sativa-dominant characteristics. It boasts a mild THC level of 15%, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a mellow high.

Growing Difficulty: 4.4/5

Don’t be fooled by its size. When cultivated indoors, this strain can yield an impressive 450 grams per square meter. Its resilience to various weather conditions also makes it a great option for outdoor cultivation enthusiasts.

Taste: 4.6/5

In terms of fragrance, you’ll notice a hint of skunkiness that adds an element of intrigue, along with the invigorating scent of pine. Subtle hints of sweetness, fruity undertones, and a zesty citrus note will playfully dance on your palate as you savor this aromatic experience.

Flowering Time: 4.4/5

The Kryptonite Strain autoflower cannibis seeds have a short growing cycle of 10-12 weeks, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in a relatively short time.

Effects: 4.4/5

Prepare to embrace feelings of joy and exhilaration as this strain takes effect. It will lift your spirits, ignite your creativity, and leave you in a state of blissful contentment.

Where to Buy Kryptonite

If you’re looking to buy Kryptonite Strain Autoflower weed Seeds, you can find them at Crop King Seeds. They offer a 10% discount with the coupon code RKS10, and they provide fast and discreet shipping.

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6. Purple Kush – Sweet, Fruit Flavors

Purple Kush

Potency: 4.45/5

This hybrid strain boasts a robust 20% THC content, delivering powerful Indica-Dominant effects that promote deep relaxation and a sense of calm. It also has a subtle touch of medicinal flavor with its 1% CBD content.

Growing Difficulty: 4.6/5

Purple Kush Autoflower is highly adaptable to various growing conditions, whether you choose to cultivate it indoors or outdoors.

It’s an excellent choice for those with limited vertical space, as it typically reaches a maximum height of 4 feet when grown indoors while maintaining a compact size.

Taste: 4.4/5

Each inhalation offers a delightful blend of sweet grape notes, earthy undertones, and fruity richness.

Flowering Time: 4.6/5

Expect an abundant yield of resinous buds in approximately 9 to 10 weeks when you cultivate these Purple Kush autoflower cannabis seeds.

Effects: 4.4/5

Purple Kush Autoflowering, featuring a THC content of 20% and a CBD content of 1%, delivers a potent and soothing experience, leaving you ready to unwind.

Where to Buy Purple Kush

For those interested in buying Purple Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, you can find them at Rocket Seeds.

The website provides complimentary, swift, and discreet shipping, along with 10 free autoflower weed seeds included in orders exceeding $420.

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7. Gorilla Cookies – Truly Exhilarating Euphoric High

Gorilla Cookies

Potency: 4.8/5

Gorilla Cookies strain stands as a formidable flower, boasting an impressive 27% THC content which can go up to 33%. It offers a sensational fusion of bakery-fresh flavors and induces a truly exhilarating euphoric experience.

Growing Difficulty: 4.6/5

Cultivating the Gorilla Cookies autoflowering cannabis strain is a breeze. It’s exceptionally hardy, capable of enduring fluctuations in temperature, humid conditions, and fending off pests. If you’re a novice looking for an ideal strain, your search ends here!

Taste: 4.3/5

Upon cracking open a jar of Gorilla Cookies autoflower weed seeds, your taste buds will be treated to the delightful essence of freshly baked mint chip cookies. When ignited, this strain emanates a complex medley of kush, lemon, and diesel notes.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

From seed to harvest, you can expect a waiting period of approximately 70 days or roughly 10 weeks.

Effects: 4.6/5

The Gorilla Cookies autoflower weed seeds offer a harmonious blend, manifesting both a potent head high and soothing body relaxation.

It offers an overwhelming yet enjoyable experience, marked by intense fits of euphoric laughter coupled with serene waves of tranquility.

Where to Buy Gorilla Cookies

You can buy the Gorilla Cookies autoflower cannabis seeds from Herbies Seed. They offer a satisfaction guarantee with discreet worldwide shipping and multiple payment options.

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8. Auto Cheese – Best Fast-Hitting Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Cheese

Potency: 4.4/5

These autoflower cannabis seeds boast high potency, containing more than 22% THC. When consumed, they provide a sudden rush of adrenaline that induces relaxation.

Growing Difficulty: 4.6/5

Cultivating these autoflower cannabis seeds is a straightforward process. A 600-watt HPS light setup can yield 450 grams of dried buds.

The plants display distinct physical traits, such as long, drooping leaves and slender stalks, inherited from their Skunk ancestry.

Taste: 4.3/5

Thanks to hybridization with Afghani #1 Indica, Mexican Sativa, and Colombian Sativa, this strain offers a mild, pleasant taste and a smooth aroma.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

Expect a bountiful harvest after just 8 weeks of flowering. The plants exhibit characteristic features like languid, elongated leaves, slender stalks, and a heritage reminiscent of Skunk strains.

Effects: 4.2/5

This flower delivers an immediate, relaxing high when consumed.

Where to Buy Auto Cheese

You can buy the auto cheese cannabis seeds feminized from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. With over 15 years of experience Quebec Cannabis Seeds offer reliable delivery and a satisfaction guarantee.

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9. Kushberry Moonrocks – Best Fast-Flowering Seeds

Kushberry Moonrocks

Potency: 4.6/5

Kushberry Moonrocks packs a potent punch with a THC content of 25%. This strain delivers a quick-acting high that’s noticeable for its strong effects.

With an 80% Indica dominance, users commonly experience profound relaxation in their bodies and a gentle uplifting sensation in their minds.

Growing Difficulty: 4.4/5

Kushberry Moonrock is a robust strain, well-suited for indoor cultivation due to its compact growth pattern. It typically reaches a height of 75 cm, making it an excellent choice for home growers.

Expect this strain to bloom within a relatively short 7 to 9 week timeframe.

Taste: 4.5/5

When it comes to taste, Kushberry Moonrock truly excels. It offers not only a delightful blend of calming and relaxing effects but also tantalizes the taste buds with flavors reminiscent of berries, blueberries, and subtle floral notes.

Flowering Time: 4.8/5

The flowering time for Kushberry Moonrock falls within the range of 8-10 weeks, earning a high rating for its relatively short bloom period.

Effects: 4.3/5

Kushberry Autoflower leans heavily towards the Indica side, with an 80% dominance. Its effects are primarily centered on inducing deep relaxation, which can sometimes lead to drowsiness or sleepiness in some users.

Where to Buy Kushberry Moonrocks

You can buy Kushberry Moonrock Cannabis Seeds from MSNL. The website offers 25% off on bank transfers with a satisfaction guarantee for all buyers.

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10. 3 Kings – Best for a Creativity Boost

Potency: 4.3/5

The 3 Kings Auto strain is a result of blending three different cannabis varieties: Headband, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. This unique combination has given rise to a potent strain with high
THC levels, delivering a notably strong and intense high.

Growing Difficulty: 4.5/5

Cultivating the 3 Kings Auto strain indoors is a straightforward process, requiring only the fundamental care and necessities of any plant.

When grown indoors, it can yield between 480 to 600 grams per square meter (G/M²).

Taste: 4.3/5

The 3 Kings Auto strain inherits its aroma and taste from its parent strains, creating a delightful fusion. While some may initially find its scent robust, it is by no means unpleasant. In fact, it exudes an earthy pine fragrance.

Flowering Time: 4.5/5

Expect a flowering period of approximately 8 to 10 weeks for the 3 Kings Auto strain.

Effects: 4.2/5

With its impressively high THC content, the 3 Kings Auto strain delivers a smooth yet robust cerebral high. This strain is particularly well-suited for daytime use, as it brings about uplifting sensations and fosters creativity.

Where to Buy 3 Kings

You can buy the 3 Kings Autoflower Marijuana Seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden. The website offers discreet shipping with a satisfaction guarantee for all users.

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3 Kings x Acapulco Gold

11. Acapulco Gold – Ideal for Daytime Use

Potency: 4.4/5

The Acapulco Gold Autoflowering strain is primarily Sativa and renowned for uplifting moods and boosting energy levels. It hails from the Mexican landrace and individuals new to smoking should be cautious, as its THC levels can reach a high of 23%.

Growing Difficulty: 4.6/5

Cultivating Acapulco Gold Autoflowering requires some experience and specific skills to avoid significant challenges. Its auto-flowering trait means it doesn’t rely on light cycles.

Taste: 4.1/5

Acapulco gold initially presents a delightful aroma, reminiscent of sweet coffee with earthy and pine undertones, providing a refreshing wake-up call for the senses.

When smoked, it reveals a unique blend of flavors, including hints of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Flowering Time: 4.3/5

When grown indoors, the day autoflower seeds can reach their flowering stage in just 70 to 75-day, yielding up to 16 ounces per square meter.

Effects: 4.2/5

This strain is known to enhance motivation and productivity, making it a valuable choice for individuals seeking to complete tasks with a newfound sense of enthusiasm.

Where to Buy Acapulco Gold

You can find Acapulco gold Autoflower marijuana seeds for sale at Sonoma Seeds. The website comes with a satisfaction guarantee for all users alongside a wholesale program for bulk buyers.

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What Are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds are types of cannabis seeds that flower automatically, regardless of the light cycle. They contain genetics from Cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies that originates from Russia and surrounding regions.

Autoflower seeds are available in different varieties, such as indica, sativa, hybrid, high THC, and high CBD.

How to Find the Best Autoflowering Seeds for You

Here are some factors you should consider before choosing the best autoflower seeds for you:


Autoflowering seeds can produce high-quality buds with potent effects, but they may not reach the same THC levels as some photoperiod strains.

If you are looking for a strong psychoactive experience, you may want to look for autoflower cannabis seeds that have a high THC content, such as Bruce Banner.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more balanced or therapeutic effect, you may want to choose autoflowering seeds that have a relatively high CBD content, such as Purple Kush.


Depending on the strain, autoflower cannabis seeds can produce different effects, such as relaxation, euphoria, creativity, or pain relief. You should choose a strain that suits your personal preferences and needs.

For example, if you want a high-THC strain that can give you a powerful cerebral buzz, you might want to try Gorilla Cookies. If you prefer a high-CBD strain that can offer you medical benefits without getting you too high, CBD Critical Mass Autoflower.


Another factor to consider is the flavor and aroma of the autoflower weed seeds. Some people enjoy fruity, citrusy, or sweet strains, while others prefer earthy, spicy, or cheesy ones.

You should choose autoflower cannabis seeds that appeal to your taste buds and nose. For example, if you like fruity flavors, you might want to try Purple Kush. If you like earthy flavors, you might want to try 3 Kings.

Cheap Autoflower Seeds

If you are on a budget, you might want to look for cheap autoflower cannabis seeds that can still deliver good quality and quantity. Some of the factors that affect the price of autoflower seeds are the breeder, the genetics, the popularity, and the availability of the strain.

You should compare different sources and look for discounts, deals, or freebies. For example, some online seed banks offer buy one get one free deals on certain strains, such as Seed Supreme or ILGM.

Some seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offer mix packs or bulk orders that can save you money and give you more variety.


Another factor to consider is the climate where you plan to grow your autoflower cannabis seeds. Autoflowering seeds are generally more adaptable and resilient than regular seeds, but they still have some preferences and limitations.

You should choose a strain that can thrive in your environment and avoid stress or damage. For example, if you live in a cold or humid area, you might want to try Gorilla Cookies. If you live in a hot or dry area, you might want to try Auto Cheese.

Ease of Growing

The last factor to consider is how easy or difficult it is to grow your autoflower weed seeds. Autoflowering seeds are generally easier to grow than regular seeds, but they still require some care and attention.

You should choose a strain that matches your skill level and experience. For example, if you are a beginner or have limited space, you might want to try Highcloudz.

These strains are short, fast, and forgiving. If you are more experienced or have more space, you might want to try Kryptonite or Jack Herer Autoflower. These strains are taller, longer, and more rewarding.

Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

Some of the benefits of autoflower cannabis seeds are:

Rapid Growth

Autoflower seeds have a shorter life cycle, resulting in faster harvests. Depending on the strain you grow, autoflowering cannabis seeds can be ready for harvest 8–10 weeks after germination of the seed.

Space Efficiency

Autoflower seeds are ideal for small spaces and indoor cultivation. They usually stay short and compact, which makes them more manageable in all kinds of settings.

Low Maintenance

Autoflower seeds have minimal care requirements and are more resilient than regular seeds. autoflower cannabis seeds do not need to be pruned, trained, or switched to a different light cycle. They also have a higher resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stress.

Stealthy Growth

Autoflower seeds reduce the visibility and risk of your grow. Their small size and quick flowering make them less noticeable and easier to hide.

Autoflower weed seeds also produce less odor than regular strains, which can help you avoid unwanted attention.

Variety and Quality

Autoflower seeds offer a wide range of strains with different effects, flavors, aromas, and colors. You can find autoflowering versions of many popular photoperiodic strains, such as Blueberry, Cheese, Jack Herer, and more.

Moreover, thanks to selective breeding and improved genetics, autoflowering strains have become more potent, tasty, and rewarding than ever before.

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The Process of Growing Autoflower Seeds

Here’s a brief overview of the process of growing autoflower seeds:


Start by germinating the autoflower seeds. Place them in a damp paper towel or use a seedling tray with a good germination medium.

Keep the environment warm and humid, around 70-85°F (21-29°C), to encourage germination. Autoflower weed seeds should sprout in a few days to a week. Once the taproot is about an inch long, they are ready for planting.

Early Growth Stage

Plant the germinated autoflower weed seeds in a small pot or directly into your chosen growing medium. Provide 18-24 hours of light a day, ideally using a grow light, to promote rapid growth.

Keep the environment humid and maintain a temperature around 70-75°F (21-24°C).

Vegetative Phase

After a few weeks, your plants will enter the vegetative stage. At this point, adjust the light cycle to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Continue to monitor humidity and temperature, keeping them in the same range. As the plant grows, you may need to transplant it to a larger container to accommodate its root system.

Flowering Stage

Autoflowering strains will start flowering on their own after a few weeks of vegetative growth, typically within 3-4 weeks from germination.

Maintain a consistent light schedule of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Monitor for signs of nutrient deficiencies or pests and address them promptly.


Harvest time varies depending on the strain, but autoflowers typically have a shorter life cycle. Harvest when the trichomes on the buds turn milky or amber, indicating maturity.

Carefully trim the buds from the plant and hang them in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated area to dry for about a week. After drying, cure the buds in glass jars for a few weeks to improve their flavor and potency.

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How to Maximize Your Autoflower Yield

If you want to maximize your autoflower yield, here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your plants.

Plan Ahead

Before you start growing your autoflower plants, you need to plan your grow process and prepare everything you need. This includes selecting the right strain, the right container, the right substrate, the right nutrients, the right lighting, and the right environment for your plants.

Choose a Container That Drains Well

Autoflower plants do not like to be overwatered or have wet feet, as this can cause root rot and nutrient lockout. You should choose a container that has good drainage holes and is made of breathable material, such as fabric or air pots.

The size of the container should also match the size of the plant, as too small or too large pots can affect the growth and yield of your autoflowers. A good rule of thumb is to use a pot that can hold 2–3 gallons of soil for each plant.

Reduce Nutrients

Autoflower plants do not need as much nutrients as regular plants, as they have a shorter vegetative stage and a smaller size. You should use a light feeding schedule and avoid overfeeding your plants, as this can cause nutrient burn and stunt their growth.

Make sure to also use organic nutrients that are suitable for autoflowers, such as bat guano, worm castings, or compost tea. Also, consider flushing your plants with plain water at least once a week to remove any excess salts and toxins from the soil.

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Keep an Eye on the pH

The PH level of your water and soil can affect the absorption of nutrients and the health of your autoflower plants. You should monitor the PH level regularly and adjust it if needed, using PH up or down products.

The ideal PH range for autoflowers is 6.0–6.5 for soil and 5.5–6.0 for hydroponics. You should also use filtered or distilled water to avoid any contaminants or chlorine that can harm your plants.

Use Proper Training Techniques

Training your autoflower plants can help you increase their yield by exposing more bud sites to light and improving airflow. However, you should avoid any high-stress techniques that can damage or stress your plants, such as topping, fiming, or supercropping.

Instead, you should use low-stress techniques that are gentle and effective, such as low-stress training (LST), sea of green (SOG), or screen of green (SCROG). You should also prune any dead or yellow leaves that can block light or attract pests.

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Best Autoflower Seeds: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked question about the best autoflower seeds.

What Is the Most Popular Autoflowering Strain?

One of the most popular autoflowering strains is Northern Lights Auto, a classic indica-dominant strain that produces dense, resinous buds with a sweet and spicy aroma.

Northern Lights Auto is known for its relaxing and soothing effects, as well as its high yield and potency. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it takes only 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Do Autoflowers Need Darkness?

Autoflowers don’t need darkness to flower, unlike photoperiodic plants that require a specific light schedule to trigger flowering. Super autoflower seeds can flower under any light cycle, as long as they receive enough light intensity and duration to support their growth.

However, some growers prefer to give their autoflowers some dark periods to save energy, reduce heat stress, and enhance terpene production.

What Autoflower Seeds Grow the Fastest?

One of the fastest-growing autoflower seeds is Kushberry Moonrocks Auto, a potent hybrid of Blue Moonrocks and Blackberry Kush. This strain can produce up to 27% THC and has a delicious berry flavor with hints of lemon and diesel.

Kushberry Moonrocks Auto can be harvested in just 7-8 weeks from seed, making it ideal for impatient growers who want a quick and rewarding crop.

What Is the Best Autoflower Seed Bank?

One of the best autoflower seed banks is Seed Supreme, a reputable online store that offers a wide range of high-quality autoflower seeds from various breeders and brands.

Seed Supreme has a fast and discreet shipping service, a germination guarantee, and free autoflower seeds with every order. You can also find helpful information, reviews, and tips on
their website and blog.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower in the World?

One of the strongest autoflowers in the world is Gorilla Cookies Auto, a powerful cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies. One of the strongest strains of weed, Gorilla Cookies has a staggering THC level of up to 33%, making it one of the most potent autoflowers ever created.

What Is the Easiest Autoflower to Grow?

One of the easiest autoflowers to grow is White Widow Auto, a legendary strain that combines the genetics of White Widow and ruderalis. White Widow Auto is a resilient and adaptable plant that can thrive in various environments and climates.

It has a low maintenance requirement and produces frosty buds with a woody, earthy, and peppery aroma. White Widow Auto has a moderate THC level of 14% and induces a clear, uplifting, and stoned effect.

What Are the Highest Yielding Autoflower Seeds?

One of the highest yielding autoflower seeds is Highcloudz Auto, a mix of HighCloudZ and Watermelon Auto. This strain produces up to 600g/m2 indoors or 140g/plant outdoors of extremely dense buds covered in resin.

Highcloudz Auto has a sweet and sour aroma of candy, lemon, and zkittlez, and provides an energetic and relaxing high that is perfect for any time of the day.

Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds – Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best autoflower cannabis seeds of 2024. Autoflower seeds are a great choice for anyone who wants to grow their own cannabis plants with ease and efficiency.

From short flowering time to high resistance and diverse effects, they offer many advantages. Regardless of the strain you choose, make sure to always order your autoflower seeds from reliable seed banks like Seed Supreme.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing indica, a stimulating sativa, or a balanced hybrid, you will find the perfect autoflower seed for your needs among our top 11 list. Happy growing!