The Amazing Benefits of a Garden Office


The Amazing Benefits of a Garden Office

Work from home, but need a bit more space and peace? Discover the amazing benefits of installing a garden office...

If you work from home and need to get away from the family or have a quiet little separated area of your very own that’s not inside your home, then having a garden office can be the key to all of this and more.

You will finally be able to work in peace, surrounded by everything you need, and with little to no interruptions as well. This is largely thanks to the homey vibe that a garden office can bring, like those at Leisure Buildings.

This could just be what you need to get work done more efficiently while being at your most comfortable.

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Garden Offices

Do Garden Offices Need Planning Permission?

For the most part, garden offices don’t need any planning permission or anything related to your local council or government’s approval. If you’re just using it as an office where you can work and do what you need for your job, then you’re all good to go.

If you plan to sleep in the garden office, however, or live in it, even if it’s only for a short amount of time, then you will need to contact your local council and apply for building regulations. The same rule applies if the building is more than 30 sqm.

If you break any of the rules or regulations, such as sleeping in the garden office or the building exceeding the size requirements, then not only will you receive a fine, but you also have a high chance of facing the high court for your actions. This could mean that the building will require alterations to fix these issues or complete removal of the garden office itself.

If you’re unsure whether or not you are within the right requirements or have more questions about it, then be sure to talk to an expert or check with those you are purchasing the office from.

Is It Possible To Put A Toilet In A Garden Office?

When it comes to putting a shower room or toilet into a garden office, for the most part, there are no restrictions that prevent you from doing so.

As long as you have all the required elements, such as plumbing, if you’re using a flushable toilet and proper waterworks, then you are good to go. As mentioned before, if you plan to sleep or live in your garden office, however, you must have a permit and the building or planning permission.

Having a toilet or a full bathroom in your garden office can be really handy if you plan to spend long periods of time inside, away from your regular house and its necessities.

It might be that you are working on a big project or your everyday workload prevents you from going back and forth to your house, then installing proper bathroom amenities will guarantee convenience on your end.

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Garden Offices

Is Having A Garden Office Worth It?

There are many reasons why having a garden office, like those available at Leisure Buildings, is worth it, and the number of benefits you can receive is practically endless, especially if you’re the type of person who’s working from home.

If you’re someone who prefers to have a relaxing space to yourself, with all of the office equipment needed, then having a garden office can be one of the best things for you. Looking at it from a bigger perspective, having one can help save you time and money from having to find an office space.

Not only is it available to you at all times while within walking distance, but your privacy is guaranteed when having a garden office. You can go all day without being interrupted and get all the work done within the required time frame.

Final Thoughts

Having your very own garden office, like at Leisure Buildings, can be very much worth it if you want to feel comfortable working in the office environment.

Why wouldn’t anyone want a little piece of paradise to call their own, right?