Here’s How to Make Your Home Office Awesome

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Here’s How to Make Your Home Office Awesome

You already know how to make a home office functional, but here's how you can make it look not just good but awesome...

Since the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. This means that office supplies have gone through the roof in terms of sales. The house used to be somewhere to live, but for many of us have now functioned as schools, gyms and offices. If you have a dedicated space for an office in your home, you can make use of it as if you are heading out to the city. Sometimes, splitting off your office and your home is not always easy, but you can do this with just a little shuffling around.

If you want to settle into your work-from-home office, you can still buy the office equipment from office stores, and you can still buy a toner cartridge from if it’s what you’re used to. There are so many ways that you can make your home office look awesome, however, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this article. You already know how to make an office functional, but here’s how to make it look good.

Here's How to Make Your Home Office Awesome

Photo, Mikey Harris.

Encourage natural light

If you want your office to be awesome, then it needs to feel awesome and you can do that with natural light. Make sure that the windows in your workspace are not covered by blinds or curtains throughout the day. This is only going to be applicable if you can still see your computer, because often when it’s too bright you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. Make sure that if you have a window that can open you are throwing it open through the day to make the office light up well.

Go for those ergonomics

You obviously know that your office requires a desk and a chair for you to feel comfortable, so you should ensure that these go together. It’s often a great idea to make sure that you have a desk and a chair that you feel comfortable sitting in, but that also meet your aesthetic. Think about the colour, the material, and the height. Some people like to have cycling desks, or walking desks, because working from home can often mean you are not getting out on the move as much as you would hope.

Say no to clutter

A messy office is not awesome. Make sure you have some storage to keep the inevitable clutter of a tiny essential office close to hand. You don’t want your desk space to look messy after all, because how can you focus on working well if you are in a messy space?

Bring some nature in

If you want your office to look truly awesome, consider some indoor house plants or climbing plants. Not only will you have better breathability because these are good to cleanse the air, but it will look great! If you like flowers, why not buy yourself some flowers every week and display them in a vase on your desk.

An awesome office has your personal touch, and now you know how to give it that.