What Is a Mattress in A Box?

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What Is a Mattress in A Box?

What is a mattress in a box and why are people obsessed with It? All you need to know about this affordable and lightweight alternative...

Mattress in a box is the latest concept in the world of mattresses. It has moved away from the troublesome task of transporting heavy and bulky mattresses rather it makes one deliver the mattress right to your doorstep as it is. The mattresses are compressed and vacuum sealed which makes them much lighter while transportation, however, can be put to its original form and ready for the perfect night’s sleep in almost no time.

The working mechanism of a mattress in a box

These days most mattresses are made with memory-based foam. The memory base foam is made with an amazing technology where the foam changes its form on the exertion of pressure and will bounce back to its original form once the pressure is removed.

Thus, the manufacturers can reduce the size of the mattress with pressure technology to make it fixed in a box for making the delivery convenient and hassle-free, and once the mattress reaches the destined place it can be brought back to the initial shape and size.

What Is a Mattress in A Box?

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What are the reasons for you to choose A Mattress in a box rather than the traditional ones?

A Mattress in a box is affordable

It is very cost-effective as compared to a traditional standard bed which can easily dig a hole in your pocket. Thus, choosing a mattress in a box can be a smart option when the utility of both is just the same. Further, buying it from brands like Eva ensures comfort and quality at an affordable price as well.

A reasonable amount of options

Since the technology used in this is comparatively new from the traditional ones so there are fewer options available which makes the task of buying the mattress in a box much easier as there is no unnecessary confusion due to multiple useless options. Fewer options ensure that you get your ideal mattress from the available options easily.

A Mattress in a box can be set up easily

Since these types of mattresses are made of memory-based foam thus setting them up is not a difficult task. The foam will come to its original shape and size in a few hours. However, if even this seems difficult you might choose some professional delivery option that will make sure that your mattress is set up professionally on payment of just a small amount of fees.

Companies offering free trials

Since the technology is new in the market, the companies are offering free and convenient trials for their customers. This means that you have got an option to use a mattress at your place with ease without paying a single penny. Also, if you feel unsatisfied you always have an option to return it and choose some other mattress.

A mattress in a box is lightweight and consumes less space

The creation of a mattress in a box is done in such a manner that it remains lightweight as compared to heavy and bulky traditional beds that almost remain fixed at the places where they are once placed. Also, the build of these mattresses is such that the frame is smaller thus vacating space in your room for other things.

Life span that matches the traditional setup

A mattress in a box utilises the latest technology thus making sure that it longs for a considerable period. However, the life span of these mattresses also depends upon the brand you choose, thus again choosing Eva can be a good option.

If you are looking to buy a mattress then the mattress in a box can provide you with a satisfactory and reliable option. Therefore, you must give it a try before finalising your decision.