Keeping Your Memories Permanent


Keeping Your Memories Permanent

Total Recall: As we continue to live our lives through a lens, it's more important than ever to make memories last forever...

It’s said that human memory isn’t a record, but a reflection. When you know what has happened in the past, you can reflect upon it for the rest of your life. Even after you’ve passed on, other people can then reflect on your life and all that it entailed. This is pretty deep stuff, but it’s important to remember to keep the memories, as strange as that may sound. Especially as our own minds don’t permanently store our memories.

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right picture might be worth even more than that, while some pictures are barely worth clicking the like button. It’s up to the individual to decide where a given pic stands on the sliding scale. But then, in any case, there’s a lot of room for interpretation, as well as a lot of room for storage.

Keeping Your Memories Permanent

Taking Pics of Everything

On the one hand, ordinary slice-of-life pics can be a great way to connect with future generations. These were the sights we saw, this was the food we ate, the people we spent time with.

The fact that more and more of these are only faces bumped up to the edge of the lens is an unfortunate consequence of the times. The good news is it’s easy to scroll through your pics and find the ones that really matter, instead of the ones that are only good for a chuckle.

Keeping Your Memories Permanent

Being Where You Are in Life

Some people say that taking pics of pretty much everything serves no purpose. It can be argued that just taking pictures of your life isn’t really living life at all. At the same time, it’s incredible how easy it is to lose track of moments.

There’s definitely a balance to be struck between always having a phone or a camera in your hand, versus having no record of ever existing at all. The relationships may or may not last a long time, but the memories themselves and their records have a chance of lasting much longer than you do.

Keeping Your Memories Permanent

What to Do With These Pictures

It’s easy to think of pics as just being something that will simply stay around forever, but nowadays, this is by no means guaranteed. With digital media being everywhere, and by far the most prevalent means of taking pictures, it’s all too easy for a power failure or a bad hard drive to wipe away a decade or more of memories.

The good news is you can always resort to online photo storage to keep your memories intact. Keeping your photos online lets you do more than just preserve them. You can share them. You can edit them to keep up clarity and ensure your memories never fade over time.

The ability to let anyone involved to see your pics is a lot better than having to hand them your phone, and hope that they only look at the pics you want instead of scrolling.