Horse Riding Clothing and Equipment

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Horse Riding Clothing and Equipment

Horse riding is rewarding, and has some surprising benefits, but you'll need to choose the right horse riding clothing and equipment...

Horse riding is an incredibly fun and rewarding activity. Nearly anyone can learn how to ride horses, regardless of their age or background. Horseback riding has some surprising advantages over other hobbies. It builds your lower body muscle like few other activities can, and it can help give you a fantastic posture. You also get to build a bond with your horse that grows over time.

Learn More About Horse Riding Clothing and Equipment

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You develop confidence in your horse and your horse comes to trust you like no other rider. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience, you’ll need to invest in some horse riding clothing and equipment to make your experience worthwhile. Read on to find out more about the gear that will help you form that lasting bond with a truly special animal…

Saddle: The first item you should be looking into is a saddle. There are many different types of saddles, but they are sorted into several main categories. There are saddles for beginners, experienced riders, specific moves like a canter or trot, jumping and racing, and riding contests. The ones for contests are usually not as durable as the ones for racing, for instance, since those are mainly for show and can be quite expensive. But if you are a beginner, you can easily find saddles that are within your budget. Additionally, it’s important to pair your saddle with the right accessories, such as a saddle pad for your horse. A proper saddle pad provides essential cushioning and support, enhancing the riding experience, comfort and optimal performance during rides for both you and your horse.

Boots: Choosing the right boots for riding is a really fun experience, believe it or not. Boots are among the most customisable equestrian products you can purchase, and they come in even more styles and options than saddles. You can get basic black leather boots, or if you want your horse riding clothing to be more wild, and to make the experience more glamorous, you can opt for colourful and flashy ones.

There are generally two types of boots: tall boots and short boots. Tall boots are the more formal ones, used more prominently in shows and contests. They limit your ankle movement a bit, so if you are not experienced yet, you should opt for short boots. These will allow you to get used to the movement of the stirrups. There are also several types of material for the boots, but they generally come in either leather or suede. The more durable ones are, of course, the leather. Like rain boots, they can be easily cleaned and do not get penetrated by water or mud (which you’ll find a lot of out in the fields). Suede boots, on the other hand, get dirty very quickly and are more frequently used in shows.

Learn More About Horse Riding Clothing and Equipment

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Helmet: Helmets are crucial regardless of whether you are starting out or are already pretty experienced. Helmets are usually covered in suede, and they come in many different forms and styles to accommodate various head shapes and sizes. It is essential to find a helmet that is exactly your size, not too small or too large. If it’s too small, it will irritate you and may actually cause headaches. If it’s too large, it won’t protect you properly. While you can always shop online for a helmet if you want to get a bang for your buck, it’s advised to purchase one from a local store so you can be sure that it’s a good fit. If you want to make your purchase online, you can still check the dimensions of the product and read reviews to ensure that it’s comfortable to wear before it gets delivered to your doorstep.

Clothing: Of course, the right horse riding clothing is essential to round off your gear collection. Complete your look with a pair of comfortable pants with leather or suede insides to help you grip the horse better. You can wear a polo shirt for day-to-day riding, and for more formal events, opt for a button-up coupled with a chic blazer to finalise your look. Again, while picking these items out, you need to make sure that you are getting your exact sizes. There is no need to size up or down. As for the pants, it is crucial that you buy them in your exact size as you will not be able to hold onto the horse properly if they are loose.

Before you go on your next, or first, adventure on horseback, be sure to read up on all the information you possibly can. Firstly, make sure you understand the importance of forming a connection between you and the horse; once you form that bond, you will each understand the quirks of the other. You should also think about the gear that you will need. Which equipment is right for you depends on your experience level, style of horseback riding, and location. Most importantly, get ready to have the most fun you will ever have exercising.